_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

Unwanted opinion

This is a more of a minor wtf service than anything. Not really suck but it made me go o.O.

Lately I've been getting into doing my own nails and making designs and such on them. While at the grocery store one day I noticed they had a pack of 3 of the little nail polish bottles with the thin brush for painting designs on your nails. There was a white, black and silver. I currently only have silver and I really want to get a white and black one.

So I grab the one in the front of the row and go about my shopping. As I am unloading my cart at the belt I notice that the white polish in the center has leaked into the package and there is a dry mass of white polish inside the package. Obviously I won't want this one. As I review my groceries I decide I'll buy them later because I could probably get them cheaper someplace else.

So when it is my turn I show the cashier the package and say, "I was going to get them but I'll wait so no need to go grab another one but I wanted to give this one to you since it is damage."

The cashier takes the polish and says to me, "You don't need these anyways. Just do your own nails."

Ummm.. that is usually what someone is planning to do when they buy nail polish. I'm pretty sure that when I go to a nail saloon, I'm not required to supply my own polish.

Not a huge thing but just made me go 'wtf lady?'
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