Amy Cooper (amycooper) wrote in bad_service,
Amy Cooper

For his much frustration I should get a free one

Noticing that the Melitta Travel Mug Coffeemaker was on sale during my last trip to Shoprite, I grabbed it figuring it might be a cheaper way to get fresh coffee at work than my Keirig (I like my coffee, what can I say.). Anyway when I got to work I discovered it was missing a peice so I brought it back.

Me as I had over the box and reciept: I'd like to exchange this. It is missing a peice.

Customer Service Woman: Sure. Leave these here and get a new one.

I go to get another but discover they are out. I inform the employee then ask for my money back and a raincheck. She askes me for my Price Plus card.

Her: I'm sorry, but according to the computer you didn't purchase this.

Me: But I have the receipt! I bought it this morning.

Her: It isn't listed under your Price Plus card's account.

Me looking at the receipt: That's odd because my number is on the receipt but still, does it really matter since I have a reciept?

Her: Sorry but since you have no proof you purchased this here, I can't give you a refund.

Me: But what about my reciept?

Her: Oh, I forgot you have a receipt. I guess I can do it.

So I get a refund, then ask for my raincheck. You can probably guess how this went right?

Her: It isn't on sale.

Me: But I bought it his morning and my receipt shows I paid sale price. It even says "you saved one dollar." *points*

Her: No that's just compared to other stores.

Me: You even refunded me the sale price just now. There's a sign up.

Her: I would have have to see the sign.

We go and there's a sale sign.

Her: well, this is an old sign.

Me: Regardless, it is up and it is what I paid.

Her: I guess I'd have to hand write one, which takes a while.

Me: Okay, I'm willing to wait.

We get back and she prints on off the computer.
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