Jade -"A Caffeine Addicted Author..." (jadekirk) wrote in bad_service,
Jade -"A Caffeine Addicted Author..."

My friend, my mum and myself went shopping in Tescos in Applemore, Hampshire last Friday.

We went to the deli counter. My friend spooned in some sundried tomatoes in a tub and there were no lids. I asked the woman behind the counter if we could have some lids and she got huffy. She found some and put them on the side and gave me a dirty look.

A bit later on, I accidentally knocked over a few olives in the bowl, they landed in another bowl except for about 8 of them. I did point it  out and did apologise. She was really rude and said "I can't sell them now. I have to get rid of them," in a really grumpy way.

Also she said to my mum, "Oh I'm going to have clean up the mess." I was apologising because it was an accident.

We went off to do some more shopping but when we came back, because we forgot cheese, she was whispering to her colleague and giving us dirty looks.

My friend went to complain about her and the person on customer service said that she'd pass it to the manager.
Tags: be more specific, cool story bro!, it's only bad service if you die, looking =/= accusing, maybe they were zombies
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