Miranda (panda367) wrote in bad_service,

And, on top of all this, Boston lost...

Dear sports bar waitress,
I understand that you were busy today because of the NBA playoffs. And if just one of the mistakes detailed below happened, or even two of them, I'd be fine with your service. But, needless to say, ALL of these mistakes happened, adding up to some really bad service on your part.
First, you didn't even realize that my family even existed or was ready to order (this was at a "seat yourself" place). I know that we're not your usual clientele, and you might have thought we were just leaving rather than just arriving, but you had to be flagged down in order for you to pay any attention to us at all. But again, you're busy, it's understandable, and you were apologetic when you realized your mistake.
There was one menu at the table for 5 of us. After asking you MULTIPLE times to bring us some menus, I had to go and get some myself. Again, I wasn't too mad, just annoyed that you weren't paying attention.
Then you started messing up orders. We ordered 3 appetizers in a "3 for $15" deal, and you only brought out two of them, with no explanation for where the third one was (even though I saw you write down "mozz. sticks" on your pad, which was what we were missing). In fact, when asked, you seemed confused that we even ordered three appetizers at all, and it took two people explaining this to you for you to realize your mistake. The food also took a long-ish time to come out, but we did order a large amount of food, so that was expected.
Finally, you charged us for several drinks that we didn't order, so that had to be corrected.
Again, I know that you can be busy during playoff season, but that doesn't mean that you have to be inattentive and hard to get a hold of. I did tip you, but it was a little less than normal.
No love,
A dissatisfied customer.
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