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Yes, I'm broke, but I'm still polite about it

This isn't really bad service, just an annoying occurrance. I ran up to the store a little bit ago, for a pack of cigarettes (yes, I know, no lectures please). I'm relatively broke, so I checked my purse for change, and I had the amount I needed. I got to the convenience store, and sat in my car for a moment, arranging the change so that it would be easier for the cashier to count. I had two dollar bills, two and a half dollars in quarters on top of that, 70 cents in dimes on top of that, a nickel, and a penny, exact change. I went in, and the cashier was leaning against a counter on the other side of the store eating a donut, no big deal, she's entitled to a snack. She came over, I had already put the money down on the counter, splayed out in order so that it was very obvious that I had exact change, all she would have had to do is look at it and count the number of coins. Easy. She looked at me, mouth full of food and smiled. Ew. I ask for a pack of smokes, she gigled, turned around, grabbed the pack, tossed it on the counter where I couldn't reach, put her hand in the middle of the change, and mixed it all up. Then she took about 5 minutes counting it out, screwed up and had to start over. After that she realized that I had given her exact change, so she handed me the pack of smokes. Halfway to the door she said "Wait! You didn't let me scan them!!" WTF? She had them on her side of the counter the entire time she was wasting counting the change, and even if she hadn't, and realized she hadn't scanned them, she's got an entire row of the same exact pack right next to her. I had to muscle my way back between the other customers to get back to the counter so she could scan my pack.
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