charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service at Subway

I cannot fault the team at my local Subway. They are friendly, listen to you and are just generally great people. That, sadly, is not the case at another Subway, in a town a few miles out.

Me and my boyfriend spent the day at the town, and went to the Subway there for a bite to eat. The staff were friendly, save for one young woman. She asked me if I wanted any salad, so I said yes and told her what I wanted. I said olives, too, but she ignored me and asked me what sauce I wanted. No biggie, she probably didn't hear me. I told her what sauce I wanted and she grabbed the bottle and put a tiny little squirt of sauce on the middle of the sub and then just threw my sub across the counter so it could be wrapped up by the cashier at the end of the line.

I said, "Could I get a little more sauce, please?" but she just glared at me and then went to sort out my boyfriend's sub. Luckily, I spoke to the cashier next to her and asked her for more sauce. By this time, my sub had been wrapped up, but she unwrapped it for me, put more sauce on my sub and then asked me if it was okay, to which I said yes, and thanked her. The other woman said "What's HER problem?" to which the cashier said, "Nothing, she just wanted some more sauce." I'm so glad that cashier was there! Otherwise, I'd have been stuck with just a blob of sauce on the middle of my sub and considering I'm a vegetarian and didn't have cheese or anything else on it except salad, it would have been bland without any kind of sauce. Not only that, it's nice to have bad service made a little bit better by someone who actually cares about their customers.

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