Blaidd Drwg (fairyrune) wrote in bad_service,
Blaidd Drwg

PetAmberAlert Update

(Update to this post from yesterday.)

First, I wanted to thank you all for your advice and well-wishes. I truly appreciate it.

I did as rayce suggested, and placed Raz's litterbox on our back deck. I covered it with some bird netting, since I had some on hand, and it seems to be keeping the various other critters out. If we're lucky, he'll smell it and come home soon!

I received the following response from PetAmberAlert yesterday:

"fairyrune, we are currently training new staff members and it appears this message is not acceptable. We are so sorry about this and we will have it redone properly today. Did you have any new information or location update?"

That was the entire message. No signature. Pretty unprofessional, right?

I responded with the name of the street Raz had been reported near recently, and that I wanted them to make sure they included information about his clipped right ear and his weight in the message.

Previously when the alerts had gone out, we got the call on our home phone as well. I also received several confused calls from people on my cell phone, as that's the number the alert appears to be coming from. Neither of those things happened last night.

I sent the following message this morning:


The new call did not go out yesterday as stated below. I am highly disappointed in the level of customer service I have received from your company. You inability to rectify this situation as you stated you would makes me doubt that it would be resolved to my satisfaction.

In light of this, I am requesting a refund of no less than 50% of the cost of the alerts I ordered. As stated previously, if I do not receive a satisfactory response by close of business on 5/23, I will be forwarding my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.


I think 50% isn't unreasonable, since they did do *something.* We'll see if they comply with my request, or if I end up having to escalte this.

My suspicion is that this company is just one guy working out of his basement or something. The only name that ever appears in connection with is "Mark." He's the only one I've ever spoken to on IM, he's the one responding to complaints on, and he's the one who responds to blog posts.

EDIT: Less than four and a half hours after I sent that last e-mail, they issued me a full refund. I'm slightly baffled. Why can't they operate this efficiently when it comes to doing what they're paid to do?
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