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Blaidd Drwg

Bad Service from

My kitty, Raz, got out and bolted last month. I was a complete wreck, so my mother offered to pay for a Pet Amber Alert. Their website looked good, so I told her to go for it.


Under the cut is the letter I sent them today.

I am requesting at least a partial refund on my recent Amber Alert purchase. Your website promises the following:

"We use up to 60 seconds to provide detailed information about your lost pet.
This means we have plenty of time to provide specific details about your pet’s name, descriptions and last-known whereabouts… plus your contact information along with our web address.
Our lost-pet phone alerts include something no other lost-pet finder does. We repeat your critical information.You see, other lost-pet services offer just the “30 seconds or less” phone alerts. This only gives them time to provide your pet’s info once.Studies have proven that repeating the info twice is much more memorable and helpful.
Neighbors and pet-care locations tend to remember the following critical facts after hearing our phone alerts: · This is a Pet Amber Alert (recognized as a trusted, national program)
· Your first name, noting that you’re a neighbor (mentioned 2 times)
· Your pet’s name (mentioned 3 times)
· Your pet’s physical description (mentioned 2 times)
· The website"

This is the message that went out regarding my cat:

"Hello, this is a Pet Amber Alert from your neighbor fairyrune, who lost a cat named Raz on April 21st. Raz is a grey striped domestic shorthair cat. If you have seen him or can help, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX. You can also view your neighbor’s lost pet and their contact info at"

The message was 29 seconds long, which is less than half of the advertised sixty seconds. My pet's name was only mentioned twice, as opposed to the advertised three times, and was pronounced incorrectly. His physical description was incomplete as my cat's right ear is clipped, and was only mentioned once. I have gotten many calls from people about grey cats, but none of them have been my cat.

Your website also claims that the alerts will be issued the same day. Neither the original the alert nor the expanded upgrade went out the same day they were ordered. In the case of the upgrade, the call was made nearly seventy two hours after I ordered it.

Additionally, it is very difficult to get in touch with your customer service. I left a voicemail twice, sent an e-mail, left a message on your instant messanger, and only received a response when I sent an IM while someone was there. In that case, it took two seperate IM sessions for me to receive a satisfactory response.

Needless to say, I am very displeased with the level of service I have received. If I do not receive a satisfactory response from you by the end of business on Wednesday, May 23rd, I will be forwarding this complaint to the Better Business Bureau.



Forunately, we think we know where Raz has been hanging out. A local lady spotted one of the hundreds of flyers we hung/passed out, and she thinks he's been spending time in her yard. She's going to try to get a look at his ear to see if it's clipped, and if it is we'll set up a havahart on her property to try to bring our little Raz home.
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