Adhara Phoenix (adhara) wrote in bad_service,
Adhara Phoenix

Bad service turned good service, then turned bad service by someone else

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some yarn from GarnWelt, because they had the yarn I wanted in stock and shipping costs were free. I ordered it on Friday afternoon, then on Monday morning I decided to also order a crochet hook. When I got home from work the yarn parcel was already there! Yay!

Or... not. Because I had ordered 6 skeins in total, and the parcel contained 4, and a bill saying it contained 6. I sent them an email right away, and on Monday night they replied apologizing and saying they'd ship the other two skeins right away. I didn't remember to tell them I had another order standing with them and could combine shipping, but I guess they did anyway. On Tuesday morning the hook order changed to "Completed". Bad service turned good service, I was happy I was getting my stuff after all.

Fast forward to that Wednesday . On Wednesday I woke up with a fever and called off sick. I was at home the whole day and the doorbell didn't ring. When my boyfriend came home there was a notification from our post office saying they had tried to deliver a parcel and there was no one home. This didn't surprise me. On Thursday I dropped by the post office on my way back from the doctor. They told me the parcel wasn't there and had never been there. I asked how was that possible, she just shrugged and repeated "Not here, sorry". We went through that a couple of times because I couldn't understand why would I get a notification with their office address printed on it if the parcel had apparently "never been here at all". Finally she gave me a phone number I could call.

I called that number as soon as I got home. After repeating my address several times they tried to convince me I had given the wrong address to the sender, which means the notification grew sentient and corrected itself so it could arrive to the right address, I guess. I was told to wait a couple of days and check at the post office again. Also they warned me it was my responsibility to pick it up from the post office and if I didn't it would be returned. This was on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday morning I received a letter from the central information office saying they have no clue where the parcel is and next time I should send it insured. On Saturday morning I go to the post office again and the same woman asks me what am I doing there, right away. I explain I called the number and they told me to check again in a couple of days. She huffs and puffs and asks again what am I doing there, she told me not to come back and deal with the phone number. At this point I was seething but I've worked customer service and know screaming wouldn't do anything good for anyone so I just asked again how was it possible that I had gotten the notification, coming from that office, saying the parcel was in that office, but no one knew where it was. "I told you to call that number! Call the phone number again! Don't come back!", she shouted.

I get that the parcel was not insured and therefore didn't have a tracking number, and I get that these parcels get lost all the time (though I've sent uninsured, untracked parcels in Spain all my life and not a single one got lost). If it had just vanished I'd just be sad and accept next time I should pay extra and get it insured. What really gets on my nerves is that I got a notification for it, which means the parcel was in that office, but it mysteriously disappeared between leaving the notification in my mailbox and me going to pick it up, and their attitude, trying to blame it on me and then screaming at me in the middle of the post office.
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