Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Seriously? That's "normal"?

I was seen the Tuesday before Easter in the Emergency Room. My arms, chest, and face had all gone numb. I have a disease called Mastocytosis ( if you're the type interested in that stuff), so it was LIKELY that it was some sort of inflammatory response tied to mast cell disorder. Instead of doing any sort of testing the ER doctor decided to just do IV steroids, H1 and H2 blockers. I agreed to this treatment course, thinking it was probably a good *starting* point.

The nurse putting in my IV said to the other nurse in the room "hmm I'm not sure if this is a good spot" the other nurse said "eh just go for it." and she did. Well when they removed the IV I started gushing blood. I've never seen anything like it. And I clock a lot of blood tests and IVs.

The drugs did nothing. If anything it got worse. He still refused to do any tests, told me to call my Mastocytosis doctor and discharged me.

I get home from the ER and I have this huge golf ball sized lump under my skin and a black bruise. It is now over a month later I'm still bruised.

I've called the patient advocate twice. I finally got my response today. "Bruises are common after an IV, it's usually reduced by applying pressure to the area after the IV is removed." SERIOUSLY!?

I'm ticked off.
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