manda (ph34rth3ll4m4) wrote in bad_service,

Something smells fishy...

So, for those of us who are going to school, the spring semester has just ended! Yay! Final grades are coming in!

I took Mythology online, it was a retake and I was determined to get an A on it. Which, as I watched things through the Blackboard system being graded, I was earning. Yippee! According to Blackboard, my final grades were 96% unweighted and 98% weighted. I had only missed on thing - a discussion post at the beginning of the course because the professor decided to open it during spring break. Just 5 points, not the end of the world.

So, I do my final, and my final grade on Blackboard is a 96% A. Woot! Right? Well, fast forward a few days. Final grades are rolling in, Blackboard courses close and I can no longer access them. I check my final grades through my school's dashboard and... what's this? My A is now a C. Concerned, I email the professor asking why my grade dropped so drastically at the last minute.

She emails me back, saying that it was because I had completely missed our second PowerPoint assignment. Now, I was extremely anal about this course - I checked my grades every day and submitted everything early. I KNOW I turned that in, I know I turned it in early, and I know I got an A on it - because I checked! I confirmed that everything was done before kicking back and celebrating the end of the semester.

So, I email back with proof that the assignment was completed well before the deadline and explain that I distinctly remember 1) turning it in and seeing it get graded and 2) having a final grade of an A in the course. She has yet to respond to me. Here's the thing. Students are asked to do a survey about the course and professor - and my criticism was about the syllabus, and about how the professor insisted on referring to the big bang theory, evolution and entropy as mythological stories. Religious students took off with this in our discussions - I recall one in particular made a point to call evolution a myth every time he brought it up. I do not know if the professor can see who filled out what - but I wonder, did she take offense to it? Is that how my previously graded as an A assignment suddenly "disappeared" and dropped my grade? Was she offended by me adamantly refusing to acknowledge scientific theories as myth, and pointing it out in my review of the course? I do wonder.

If that's the case and what I sent back isn't enough - what the heck can I do? Who do I speak to? I did the work, crammed it into my 40+ hour workweek, I busted my butt on it, and I absolutely will be getting credit for it. But if that credit isn't coming from her, then who do I need to see? Who is above her head? If the course is closed, how can I prove that the work was done and turned in since I can no longer access it?

I just... am at a loss. I was so on top of this course. :|


This is the email I just got in response:

"I looked at the final grades that were listed and the grade showed as a 0. If you have the assignment and can show me any responses that I might have sent you then I will correct the issue. Unfortunately, what the computer is telling me is that you did not submit the assignment. Please send me proof that you did. Thank you. "

The assignment had been graded on Blacboard. Her feedback was something along the lines of "Great job, use more pictures in your slides next time." I lost something minor like 5 points for not having enough pictures. This is so frustrating. What's next? I told her I sent her all of the proof I can access now that I can no longer see the course on Blackboard. Do I elevate this now?
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