LOOK WHAT I'VE BECOME; (mousefarts) wrote in bad_service,

Is this bad service?

I think I just got bad service from my tattoo place, can you guys help me out in confirming this?

My appointment was at 3pm.

My artist;

Was 10 min late
Didn't have printer ink so ran to Walmart while we took a 30 min lunch
Came back & he was just now eating--two sandwiches & an order of cheese fries later..
Took two appointments down, one via phone one via in-parlor client
Took two personal calls & answered texts
Watched hulu on his laptop the whole time, before & during tatt.
& finally began sketching my tattoo at 6:30p.

I wasn't out of there until 10:30p.

Maybe I'm butthurt because I work two jobs & only get one day off a week, so this completely blew my day out of the water errand & hanging out with my gf wise...he also never quoted me a price or gave me a by the hour quote, he said he has to finish the session before figuring out a price. 

He only got done the outline of the whole tattoo (a wrist watch tattoo, it is just what it sounds like, a watch on my wrist) & some gray color on the band.
He charged me $400.

I will own up to the fact it's my bad I didn't get a price before or during or whatever, I ASSUMED, which was dumb, it would be around $300 for the whole thing, judging on other work I had done with a diff artist at this location. I seriously cannot imagine dropping another $400 for him to actually do the faceplate, colour it purple & finish out the detail. I figured he charge me $100 an hour, + my $40 deposit, so I spent $440 for someone to be unprofessional & kind of a weasel to me for all day long.

& it's not even finished.

Am I just being a bitch or did this service for real suck?

The reason I stayed is I invested the $40 non refundable & I wanted my damn tattoo, & the longer it took the more amusing but stubborn I was to get that bitch done. Now I wish I would have told him to kiss my sweet ass!!!! 
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