pointy eared bastard (heyhumanity) wrote in bad_service,
pointy eared bastard

Kind of a funny one.

Anzac day in Australia here, my work was open for the dawn service, so we got slammed pretty much straight up for breakfasts and coffees from about 6.30am onwards.

I started noticing a small pool of water underneath the espresso machine. Was super busy so just shoved some teatowels under there and figured I'd deal with it later. It gradually got bigger and whatnot, figured we'd just call in the repairman the next day since it was a public holiday and he probably wouldn't be working. However! My manager noticed his van outside a cafe across the street, so he gave him a quick call and asked whether he was working that day and if he could check it out.

The repairman tried to say he wasn't in the area before my manager more or less said, "I can see you from here." He got rather grumpy but finally agreed to come in. He was working. Just apparently didn't want to.

Checked out the machine, took him about three seconds to say that one of the pipes underneath was blocked (anyone that's familiar with an espresso machine, the area beneath the drip try where the backflush of water will drain from) and needed to be replaced and he didn't have anything on him to unclog it etc and we'd just have to deal with it for the day and he'd fix it another day, before promptly leaving.

We kind of stared after him for a bit before easily unclogging the pipe ourselves with some drinking straws taped together and caustic cleaner.

Seriously? It was dripping everywhere and was seriously a problem if it leaked down onto the electrical outlets. The repairman obviously just wanted to not be working and didn't even suggest anything we could do. To be fair, it was pouring rain and quite miserable but...it's your job, man. Unfortunately things do screw up on your days off sometimes, but it's your job to come and fix them.

EDIT: just a quick edit because I phrased and explained some stuff horribly. The man was working, it wasn't his day off. He was in his uniform etc. He answered his work number. I actually do think that it may just be his own business, purely coffee machine repair one from what I gathered from the name and whatnot.

Our coffee company asks that we use this guy for repairs since he services the cafes in the area that use our bean (and others I assume as he was making a call at a cafe across the street). He was free to tell my boss no, but didn't, just made it seem like he would rather go home and not be there and made no effort to fix the machine. Which is the main concern, considering we fixed it straight after he left from simple items around :)

I kind of wrote that straight after work from having a 5.30am start, so I may have been a little sleepy haha.
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