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Hi! I'm new here, handshake and all that. Here's my not super fun times of being sick...

I recently had to go get checked out because what I figured was a chest infection wasn't clearing up after almost three weeks (throat was so raw from coughing that I could barely speak on my 21st birthday, it sucked). No doctors available but nurses can prescribe antibiotics, which is what I was looking for, so no biggie.

Sort of.

I have nothing against nurses in general, but I can't trust any of the nurses at my local doctor's surgery anymore because of something that happened a few years ago. My granddad got sudden severe head pain and, refusing to go to the hospital until he knew for certain he needed to, went to the surgery to see a GP. His face was grey. The pain was so bad it was making him vomit. He clearly needed help right the fuck now and yes we should've been at a hospital but manly 'I'm not sick until I'm dead' stubbornness happens. My mum and nan were there but I went in with him into the examination room type thing because they were too distraught. The nurses got him situated on a big old reclining chair thing, gave him something to throw up in, and... left me alone with him. For about five minutes.

Suddenly, he screamed louder than I've ever heard anyone scream before in my life. He was twisting up in pain. And it's still just me. Inexplicably worried about seeming rude, I went up to an open door onto a next room and yelled "Could somebody come and help in here please?" They came back, holding nothing though so I still have no idea where they went or why. As it turned out, yes he did have to be rushed to hospital because he had a brain haemorrhage, and no he didn't make it. I don't blame the nurses for that, though. Just the leaving me alone part. I was eighteen years old, why would you do that...

Back to the present day! All the nurse I saw had to say was a lecture about smoking (okay I expected that part) and insisting that I was fine because my chest was clear (I could feel it rattling while she was listening to my breathing...) but "I'll give you these antibiotics anyway". I don't know, if you actually think I'm fine, why are you giving me medicine? It's what I wanted so I didn't complain but still. I wish there was someplace else I could go. :/

ETA: As it turns out, none of this is really bad_service. distressing_but_necessary_service on one part and a_bit_confusing_but_actually_okay service on the other. Apologies for the unintentional offtopic! (And I'm a bit confused on this tagging business. Should I not have mentioned it's my first post? I'm sorry if that's bad? This is really not going well. ;; ) Neeeevermind that last part, I got it.
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