The Mad Lori (madlori) wrote in bad_service,
The Mad Lori

GoDaddy woes

So my friend Brian and I share website hosting on GoDaddy; we each pay for our own domain name under one account (he originally designed and uploaded my website, so this was easiest). It's about $60 a year for my site.

I had paid the yearly subscription in March. Yesterday Brian and I each got this email, a receipt saying that my credit card had been charged about $60 for "New Account." I wondered if maybe he'd opened a new site and had just chosen the wrong card for payment, but he knew nothing about it. I started to get nervous. What if someone had hacked our account? That'd mean they could see both of our credit card numbers. The last thing I need one month before my London trip is for my debit card to get hacked AGAIN. Brian said he'd call them this morning and figure it out.

He did, and HOLY CRAP. Apparently, it is GoDaddy's policy to once a year sign you up for a new account AND charge you for it, even though you didn't ask for it. You have to contact them to have them delete it. They did this to us last year too and we just didn't notice. They refunded both this charge and last year's, so yay, an extra $60 I wasn't expecting. So I guess that's good service that they refunded the money, but that has got to be one of the worst business practices I've ever heard.

How is that a good idea? Just randomly charge your customers for products they didn't order? That's like Eddie Bauer just sending me a down parka and charging me $300 for it just in case I might want it.

Shysty. I mean, GoDaddy being shysty is nothing new. And their website is the most horrible incomprehensible, impossible-to-navigate hellhole I've ever seen.

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