Janelle (avec_bonheur) wrote in bad_service,

Remembered Racism Sucks

I just saw a racism post in customers_suck and I remembered these.

Suck the First:

I was waitressing at Little Local Restaurant when a family of Innu came in. Innu are a group of Native Americans from northern Canada, they are very obviously not of "white" heritage and if you would like to poke around online you will find that they often have a bad reputation amongst other races. 

The family themselves were incredibly polite and very typical pleasant customers. The matriarch even let me pick up and play with her adorable Innu baby, they were that open and welcoming. I had no problems with them whatsoever and actually enjoyed talking to the matriarch.

I was doing up their bill when my coworker walked by.

Her: Is that for the *slur*?
Me: Erm, yes, why?
Her: Stick on 15%, they never tip and you'll never get a *expletive* dime off of them.

I doubt very much that the family heard her comment and of course I did not overcharge them. It just made me wonder how many other people she had done that to. :(

Suck the Second:

One of my friends is of mixed heritage, "white" and Native American. She was travelling to another town for her brother's wedding. She appears Native American.

When she checked into her room, she found that it was awful. She didn't go into detail about it besides saying that there was a leak in the bathroom and that the beds were not up to par. Her "white" father went to the front desk to ask if they could get a different room.

Desk Lady: Oh, gosh, why on earth are you in room 100??
The Dad: I'm not entirely sure, my daughter checked us in.
Desk Lady: That's the hallway where we put all of the *slurs*! I am so sorry! I'll put you upstairs.

Naturally everyone was disgusted once that story got around and they did complain to management.

How come these people still exist?

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