Janelle (avec_bonheur) wrote in bad_service,


My roommate works at a salon so one day we went to her workplace to get our nails done. I got shellac nails and the girl who did them said that they were guaranteed 2-3 weeks. My roommate also got shellac nails done by a different girl. We got an employee discount for both of our nails, with my total being $35.

They looked beautiful when they were finished and the day after. By four days there was a small chip on my thumb. Last night (six days after getting them done) I notice major chipping on four of my nails. My roommate's nails are still fine.

I'm unemployed so I haven't done anything more than shovel the driveway since I got my nails done, certainly nothing that would wear on my nails. Right now I'm a little peeved that mine look so awful so soon after getting them done. I'm unsure if I should call the spa and request a refund/free touch-up or if I should let it slide. I don't want my complaint to get my roommate into any animosity with the other girls :( 

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