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Verizon retailer, screw you

I'll preface by saying I've been with Verizon for more than 10 years and have never had a problem with service or anything. Since moving to Chicago, I've primarily used one store owned by the Cellular Connection (so not owned by Verizon, just sells their plans, phones, etc.) I've spent a ton of money at this store over the past few years on products and service, and always talk up to others how great the store and their employees are.

No more.

I upgraded to a Motorola Droid 2 phone a year ago. I take good care of my technology, but with a device like this, I bought the external service plan/insurance the store offered. Had a few issues with the phone, got two replacements under warranty (in one case, the phone shipped to the store didn't even work out of the box as a the rep was trying to set it up for me). A few weeks ago, my screen randomly stopped working. Took it in, it's two weeks out of warranty but I can use my insurance to get a replacement. Kinda sucks, but fine, at least I have an old one to use in the meantime.

We Really Only Give You Half a Phone
It takes a week for them to get the phone in, and it's a different color (white) than my old phone (black). Also kinda sucks, but insurance says it'll give you the closest thing to your current device, so fine. Except that the refurb-ed replacement also doesn't have a back cover. The guy who was starting to set it up (he's been nice to me in the past) says he can just use the back on my current working phone. I declined, and asked if there were any other options. He talks with his boss (already starting to sound irritated with me) and says they can give me 20% off a case so the color difference isn't obvious. I decline again saying I don't want to spend more money, can they find out if there is a complete phone anywhere? They say they'll call the warehouse and see and call me back.

A week later (two weeks from when I brought my phone in originally) they say they got the back for the phone. I go in to pick it up and the back is from one of the R2D2 phones, pretty clearly scratched up, but at least it looks like it goes with the white phone, kind of. It's still ugly, but less ugly than putting a black battery cover on a white phone.

And Charge You Twice for It (And We'll Charge You Something Different Than What Your Contract Says)
Different guy gets me set up with the replacement, rings me up for $44, I sign the electronic pad thing, he says oops, that didn't go through, sign again. Sometimes it happens, I think nothing off it. Yesterday I notice both charges went through. I also look at my contract for the insurance the other day and it says multiple times "The undersigned will be charged $39.99 for the replacement device." No mention of tax anywhere, in any way, shape or form, just $39.99.

And Your Battery Will Suck and the Case Will be Loose
I get home and set up my apps, and start using it over the weekend. The battery is TERRIBLE. I swap batteries from my old (same model) phone, no difference. When I go to work at 8:30, it will be at 5% by 5pm after hardly any usage. No different apps from when I was using my old phone, in fact fewer apps. Plus there are some spots on the phone that are a little loose. Not a huge deal, but I don't want something to be broken inside.

And Don't Expect Us to Do Anything About It
With all these issues, I bring it back in to the store yesterday, since the second guy said I had 14 days to bring it back if there were any further issues. I walk in and the original guy is there. I say, sweet as pie, I've been having a few issues since the replacement, can he please help me? He immediately gets defensive, but I'm trying my hardest to be a good customer, just looking for help. I show him the loose parts of the case, he shrugs and looks at his computer.

I tell him about the battery issue, he says it's a refurbed phone with a refurbed battery, it may not work as well (wow, that's kind of ridiculous). I tell him I used a different battery and it's still having a problem. He shrugs and starts looking at the phone and says "I don't have some magic device to tell what's using your battery, I don't know." I ask again "There's no suggestion or any help you can give me for this issue? The phone is really not functional this way." He sighs and starts looking through my phone and tells me to uninstall Facebook, it uses a lot of battery. Never had a problem before with it on this same exact model. (Didn't make a difference, btw).

I bring up the double charge, he asks if I'm sure it's not just pending, I say yes, I can show him the charges right now. He tells me I have to bring in proof before they can do anything, they have to mail it to their accounting dept who issues a refund if I was really charged twice. (that's the only thing they were even remotely helpful with, but even then, not really. They had no problem charging me twice, now I have to prove they did and wait for who-knows-how-long to get the money back). His whole attitude has been incredibly bad this whole time, acting like I'm trying to start trouble or be a pain.

So then I bring up the differences between what I was charged and what was in the contract, and he blatantly rolls his eyes. "It's tax, of course you'll be charged tax, you're charged tax for everything." I tell him tax isn't mentioned anywhere in the contract (even when you sign a service contract it includes something like "applicable state tax will be applied"). Then his coworker (who had been helping another lady) chimes in "Do you expect to go into a store and buy a $1 pack of gum and not get charged tax? If you have a problem, take it up with the state of IL." I say it's a different situation here, and I turn back to the first guy and say "Look, I don't know why you're treating me like I'm some problem customer, I only came in to ask you guys for some help and you're just giving me attitude. I don't feel like I've done anything wrong, I've been coming to this store for years and have always been a good customer." He shrugs again and says he can't do anything about $4, to take it up with their corporate owners.

So out of 4 issues I went in with, only one was even attempted at being solved, with plenty of bad attitude. Other than bringing a print out of my credit card statement for the double-charge, I don't know if I can do anything about any of the rest of it. It just pisses me off to no end.
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