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More University Creepiness

Hello again~

Update to the flatmate's debacle with the security creep: the wardens held the meeting, they've decided he's really fucking creepy and they've put forward a request to his supervisor. My flatmate is really pleased because they think he'll either be moved to days or to a different site where the requirements are different with regards to locks (the other side is much older, which means keys which means it's much harder to lock yourself out than with the keycards)

Now for more creeptastic/memory challenged guys that I have experienced in the mean time.

It's the Easter Hols here, which means that everybody sods off home (wherever home is) and I get the flat to myself. In my block there's about a hundrd and sixty people usually but now they've all left there's maybe ... ten of us left all over the building? In anycase, there's no-one in the flat over the way, and there's no-one in the flat directly above me either. 

It also means that the university completes any big maintence jobs such as cleaning out pipes or re-laying carpets because hey, no irritating students to fuck up the paintwork while you're at it.

At the end of my hall is a large cupboard for the boiler, the electric panel (I don't know what it is - it has switches and if you push them, a lot of students start screaming because the power goes out; that's what happened last term) and for some reason which I cannot fathom - extra curtains, which is always locked. The DIY people have stored some equipment and stuff in it to use for maintence which means there is occasionally some people wandering in and out of my flat retrieving bits and pieces.

I have several problems with this.

A) Nobody told me. No email, no note under the door, nothing. On the first day it happened, I was seriously scared. I'm wearing just a nightshirt, and headphones, I open my door into the hall - BANG. Three guys in overalls staring back at me, holding tools and laughing at a joke between themselves. It freaked me the fuck out. Especially after what happened to my flatmate with the creepy security guard.

B) They keep on not annoucing themselves. I'm here, alone; there is nobody around in any of the flats closest to me. I don't like the fact that you just wander in and out of what is essentially my HOME without so much as knocking on the door to the entrance of the flat as a courtesy. Several times I've been in the kitchen, wearing headphones only to turn around and see them crossing the hallway/staring at me weirdly. It's Vivadi, gents. I can actually hear the sound of a reasonable knock over it - not the sound of the buzz of the door opening, and quiet footsteps through the hall because you've used your keycard to get in.

I have asked that you knock. I have a weird thing about being protective of myself now that I'm on my own and the flat is fucking haunted, so I would like you to knock before you end up getting a plate of pizza to the head when I jump out of my skin at you because YOU DIDN'T FUCKING ANNOUCE YOURSELF.

C) There is a guy who is weirding me out. He's just...weirding me out. I really don't know how to explain it. Last week, (I think it was Wednesday but my sleep pattern is fucked and I'm not 100% sure) when they'd all finished, he comes in, drops his stuff off, and then opens the door again. Oh, goody, I think. He's leaving.

Only he doesn't - he proceeds to slide down the door, get his phone out and squat against the door, checking his messages/doing something that I don't understand. For thirty minutes.

Nobody comes to get him, he doesn't need to get into my flat for anything, he doesn't go away when several of his workmates go by. He just sat there. In the doorway to my flat, on his phone. He's done this several times since then and it's weirding me out. He doesn't really interact with me at all when he's using the cupboard or when he runs into me but why the fuck is he propping my door open at two o'clock in the afternoon when HE SHOULD BE GOING HOME WITH THE REST OF HIS BUDDIES? Nobody comes by to put something in the cupboard, he's not holding it open for anybody. He just sits there. I'm on the ground floor. If you want cool air, walk the ten feet to be OUTSIDE.

It's nothing major, and I'm not traumatised by it - it's just really weird. Why the fuck does he keep doing it?


On the plus side, Student Finance finally paid up. Yay. I didn't even get to kneecap somebody or threaten to bring out the concrete shoes. Life's not fair sometimes.... All that money - in my bank account on Wednesday~...and promptly out again on Thursday for Halls payments and stuff like that.

You gotta respect them for holding out as long as they did but we won. Eventually.

Thank Bloody Christ for that, at least.

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