Bananakin Skywalker (hicat) wrote in bad_service,
Bananakin Skywalker

Verizon Sexual Harassment Catcalls

This is bad service, I do believe. I wasn't ACTUALLY a customer, but the guys were at their booth and I was walking by.

I went to go get some food from our food court and passed the Verizon kiosk. One at the clerks leaned over his counter and went "Hey! HEY! ... Free hugs!" I was a little annoyed, just because I hate when the kiosk workers yell at people for any reason, but I shrugged it off and got my food.

On my way back, the clerk and another clerk were facing the way I was coming. The first clerk nudged the second one when he saw me and shouted out "FREE HUGS!!" at me, and waggled his eyebrows, in that 'if you know what I mean' kind of way.

His coworker gave me the once over, his eyes landed on my chest, and answered his coworker with "I'd hug YOU." He did the same awful, idiotic eyebrow thing. I didn't react at first, I just kept walking... And then realized that that really wasn't cool.

I've already lodged a complaint with the mall and sent off one to Verizon, as well. That is so gross and unprofessional and just UGH.
Tags: kiosk jerk
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