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Help With Filing A Complaint

Backstory about my shitty doctor.

Quick Update: The new HBC he gave me is the same as the first kind, just a different brand name.  So it'll probably make me spot and bleed forever, too.  Joy.

Question: I'm filing a complaint about my GP with the manager of the clinic he works at.  The manager will be calling me back [unsure if she works weekends, so maybe not until Monday] and I'll be discussing things with her over the phone.

I'd like some advice as to how to talk to her about this.  I'm absolutely enraged over my doctor's actions and attitudes and I want to get that across without, y'know, yelling and screaming at the poor woman.  I want to be classy about this but still get her to understand how mad I am.  I'd also like to know what sort of action[s] I should suggest be taken against him, if any, as a result of these issues.

Help, please?

Also, I live in BC, Canada--are there any provincial [or federal?] places I can go to about these issues as well?

PS: Please don't tell me to just go out and get a new GP.  There's a doctor shortage here and I only got into this guy's practice because my mother was a patient and begged him to take me, too.  I'm just here looking for help in making his horrid behavior known to the higher-ups.
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