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Worthpoint inc is a website that appraises and sells antiques.  Several months back, almost a year ago, my sister and I cleaned out my grandmothers home and wanted to look into potential value of a set of antiques brought home from Japan by my grandpa after WWII. I made an account, used their service, but discovered it is not really what we were trying to look for, as we are not in fact selling the items.

I went through the hoops to deal with the fairly hard to find instructions to close your account well within the free period. 

I just noticed today that they have charged me every other month since then for their service.  (It always fell after a trip, so having not thought about that website I thought those charges were for travel related expenses, like some company name for a gas station)

There is no way to get into the account though to stop this since I -closed- the account!  It can't be that difficult Worthpoint!
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