narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

Someone's got a sense of humor

Quick follow up to this.

So we put a note on the trash cans asking the garbage people not to stack the bins together yesterday and they didn't, what they did was actually downright hilarious.  Now, I didn't actually get to see it since I was at school, so I heard it second hand from my landlord.  Instead of stacking the cans into one another the trash collectors made a trash can pyramid.  Apparently they turned the recycling pin upside down, put the large trash bin on top of it, then stacked the medium bin sideways on top of that.  They then drew a troll face on the note and put it back on the bins.  I wish I'd seen it, I'd probably have laughed myself silly.  My landlord promised to email me the pictures, so once I get them I'll add them to this post.

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