Drew Beaudoin (bdoing) wrote in bad_service,
Drew Beaudoin

Surprisingly Firkin Quick Response!

I figure that if they pun with it constantly that means that I can

So even though I only emailed them about the problem I had on Saturday, I've already gotten an email back!

[Under here so I don't eat your friendslist too much]Hi Andrew,
My name is [redacted], I am one of the owners of the Swan & Firkin. I received your email regarding your email regarding the use of health cards as age identification, I appoligize for the refusal of entry by our doorman, it seems some of them were not yet aware that the Ontario Health card is now an acceptable form of age verification. I have spoken to the company head regarding this and it will not happen again. I do hope you decide to try us again, and if you have any issues please feel free to contact me.

I'm always both pleased and amazed when complaining actually immediately changes something (though the link to the AGCO probably helped). \o/
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