Drew Beaudoin (bdoing) wrote in bad_service,
Drew Beaudoin

Really Firkin Bad.

A group of us went to a pub in Toronto's west end last night to belatedly celebrate a birthday; it's the same pub I went to to celebrate my birthday last month, and we had the same problem, but this time it was the manager.

One of our group only has a health card (a card for our provincial health care system) as photo ID. In Ontario, there are only a small number of cards you're allowed to accept as photo ID, to prevent fakes. The health card is the only one with a special rule (to prevent identity theft) -- you can't ask for it, and you can't write down the health card number. But if it's offered as ID, it's up to the discretion of the server as to whether to take it.

The manager told her - very rudely - that it was entirely her own negligence that she hadn't travelled across the city (while visibly disabled) to pay for an ID card she barely uses (as she doesn't drink due to daily medication). I pointed out the law (which I just double-checked to verify that it hadn't changed), and he told me to shut up because I'm trying to convince him to do something illegal.

Then he let her in the bar. Which, y'know, if it'd been illegal would have been very illegal. I don't even know.
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