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Hospital Billing Fail

Very long time lurker, first time poster. If this is in the wrong place or I didn't detail enough/something is confusing, just let me know and I can repost elsewhere/clarify whatever is needed. I figured I'd be short, sweet and to the point to begin with...

The circumstances that go up to this started with a very brutal car accident in 2005 -- I broke my ankle in three places, had to have two surgeries, and so on. From that, I developed arthritis in that ankle as well as bone spurs, and I also have a tendon (the one that forms the arch in my foot) that ruptured.

Right after Thanksgiving, my tendon started to bother me until I could not walk. I went to urgent care, they referred me to an ortho doc in the same group, who referred me to an ankle specialist. The bad service isn't in their care, but in the billing.

I already had Charity Care on my account -- the application is good for three months (October - January) and I was covered 100% by that, therefore I do not owe on any bill I receive from this group that covers service within that time period.

Anyway, I receive a bill for roughly $2300 in January. I called and spoke with a lady in billing, who verified that my Charity Care covered my bill 100%, and told me to disregard the bill. Okay.

Last month, I received a 30-day late bill. I call again, explain to the lady that I called in January, and she again verified that Charity Care covered this bill, and to disregard it.

I just today received a third bill for the exact same thing. I intend on going to the payment office to get something in writing that Charity Care has covered this bill, but I don't want to be sent to collections over a bill that I have been told was forgiven. Is there anything else I can do to stop these bills? (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Any help/referrals to other comms/etc would be awesome. I figured I'd start here.)
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