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AT&T questionable service

My U-verse DVR hasn't worked for 4 weeks, and I have tried to use the online troubleshooting/support links to no avail. I finally gave up and unplugged the DVR because it sounded like dying dinosaurs were inside. I'm usually off on Sundays, but apparently they don't have live support on Sundays?

Today, after 4 attempts to reach a live person, I was finally able to speak with someone in AT&T's tech department about the DVR. I told them the issues (haven't been able to watch TV in weeks, DVR is unplugged because it's inoperable, tried all the online support stuff, bottom line is tech guy needs to bring a new box). They attempted to do all the remote stuff and seemed to be perplexed when I kept telling them that won't work because the DVR is unplugged because it never starts up. Finally they said "we can send a tech out, but that will be $149." BWUH? On top of the AT&T U-verse Double Play bill? Whatever, I'm ok with the tech fee, and I'm even ok with paying the entirety of last month's bill if that's what I have to do... but really?

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