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Living a Life of Chaos

More Bad Hospital Stories

Just because I enjoy them so much and hate the American health care system with a passion that knows no bounds.

Setting: Christmas morning, things are going well. Sean (husband) is trying to get a nerf gun out of the package for my daughter. The things are packed so badly that it's almost impossible to get them out via normal means. Male ingenuity sets in and he grabs his gerber wrench that has a large blade attachment and uses the blade to attempt to wrench the toy free. However his hand slips and he stabs about an inch of the blade directly into his hand. Pain and blood ALL over the kitchen floor. It hurt so much and he lost so much blood so quickly into shock for a few minutes.

The only problem is when he does that his heart goes into an irregular rhythm because he has atrial fibrulation.

So, he needs to go to the hospital for stitches and if he can't get his heart to reset by itself he's going to need some cardizem for his heart.

We get to the hospital and there are only 2 people in front of us. We were in the waiting room for 3 hours. Now I have to explain my husband's heart condition. When his heart goes into an irregular rhythm it needs to be set back. After an hour of the irregular rhythm he's at risk for blood clots that are potentially fatal. Blood clots can cause massive strokes and cause your heart to just stop. We have been warned by his cardiologist that he needs to have blood thinners and heart medicine after an hour because the risk is pretty high. An hour. We inform the nurses of this, yet we are still in the waiting room for over 3 hours. (Keep in mind his hand is still bleeding into a dish towel.)

The place had filled up quickly after we got there (lots of christmas accidents, paintball in the eye, a kid who bashed his head on his pogo stick, more people that cut themselves trying to open toy packages and stuff I can't even imagine how they hurt themselves) however, the only reason we even got in that soon was because of his heart. Some people got tired of waiting and just got up and left. (Large redneck population and many of them are the sort that can get along on any sort of pain).

So the first nurse looks at him and puts him in an ER bed. Where we wait for another hour and a half. Eventually a doctor comes in and gives Sean two stitches in his hand and a tetnus shot. However, his heart is still irregular. Nurses are wandering around aimlessly and part of the problem is that one of the paperwork nurses is putting in all of the names wrong which is messing with the records and slowing everyone down.

Husband gets moved to a new room where they can monitor his heart and where he is supposed to be getting some cardizem for his heart. The only problem is no one has come to give it to him. We sit there for another 2 hours wondering when he's going to get his medicine. Nurses come in and look at his blood pressure and we finally get one that goes off to find the doctor and see if they were supposed to be doing anything with him. Apparently yes. The doctor had given orders hours ago that they were supposed to dress his stitches, start an IV and give him a shot of Cardizem in the IV. This was hours ago. A nurse finally comes in and does that.

However, husband's heart has been out of rhythm so long that it's probably going to take more than one shot. But no one seems to think of that.

Doctor never gave him anything for the possibility of deadly blood clots. Told him to take some aspirin instead. In fact, Sean's heart never went back to normal while we were there. Possibly because the rhythm was irregular for so long, the one shot didn't do any good. Doctor sent him home with a blood pressure pill (go figure that one out) and Sean's heart evenutally fixed it self several hours later. (I.E. At 4 am this morning.)

The whole situation was just so frustrating. We've been to a lot of hospitals. Many of them with a wonderful nursing stuff that went above and beyond the call of duty. Some with nurses that were obviously over worked but still were quite professional.

Here it's completely different. I had my head bit off by one nurse because she couldn't get ahold of one of the nurses at the nurses station. (I'm not sure why she picked me to yell at.) The set up at the ER is that you have to be let in, since the door is locked from one side. (Not at all unusual.) However, the part that was unusual is that you have to call the nurses station which is just on the other side of the door to get them to come and open the door for you. (This is a brand new hospital by the way, or rather OLD hospital but new building.)

But when you call the nurses to let you back in (because the only pay phone to call people is in the lobby) they tell you they'll be there in a minute and you wait for 20. Or they tell you that you should just wait until your husband gets checked out, while the husband is yelling from his bed and hooked up to machines that they need to let his wife in now, damnit.

Lets just go on record that this hospital is actually ranked as one of the worst in the state and in all of my dealings with them, it is no surprise. Actually, my family has a running joke that if it comes down to it, we are supposed to let them die instead of taking them to this hospital. You know what the really funny thing about this hospital is? It's a for profit hosptial. In otherwords, if you don't have insurance or the cash readily available and you aren't dying, they don't treat you. Unlike community hospitals that will treat you no matter what. I've been to 5 community hospitals and 2 for profit hospitals and I've gotten the best service at the community hospitals and horrible service at the for profit ones.

We eventually got out of there at around 7:30 almost 8. We'd been there since sometime before noon.

Of course, the bills made it to us immediately. However, this hospital also has been known for taking information and sending you a bill for sitting in the waiting room. (They have that many walk outs.) My brother got the shit beat out of him by some strange guys and went to the hospital because he thought he was going to need stitches. They took his information but told him a doctor couldn't see him until they got a cop in to take his statement. Told him to sit in the waiting room until one came. Three hours later my brother had enough and called my husband to come pick him up and look over his injuries. We got a $300 bill in the mail for my brother to sit in the waiting room.

Too make this story just a little bit worse, just before Christmas my dad couldn't get out of bed due to severe back pain. (He'd been suffering from it for years and it just got that bad that quick.) Ambulance came and took him to that hospital. They didn't do much in the way of tests or anything else and decided they needed to operate right now. They had him prepped for surgery when my stepmom flipped out and told them to hold on. She got ahold of his doctor and the doctor told her to get him the hell out of there. She did and got him to a different hospital many miles away. The doctors there told her it was a good thing she did because if they'd operated, they probably would have killed him. (Turned out my dad had a huge tumour growing off of his spine. He's getting chemo for it now.)

I always snicker when I hear our lovely president talk about how stupid it is that we can sue doctors. Hello, THIS is the reason we can sue doctors. There's making a mistake and then there is just royally fucking up. That's what this hospital seems to take joy in.

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