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Office Store

This one is short and sweet...
I needed to laminate some cards so I went to a local office supply store to see if I could get some little lamination pockets. Since I live in a truly small town, the office store is a combo office/art/video rental/computer repair/financial advisor's office store. Wacky combo, but all the stores use the same counter in the back.
So I find my lamination pockets and go up to the counter where I can see four employees (I assume from the various businesses)hanging out about four feet from the counter and I wait.
It took a while for one of the employees to get to the counter and cash me out because she was cuddling with another employee. Standing, leaning into him with her arms around him cuddling. They were both chatting with the other two employees. I was not even sure what to say, really. I waited a couple minutes then noisily cleared my throat, and she finally came over to cash me out.
But really I am all for a good cuddle, just not on the clock!

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