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Sandwich Guy... why you so stingy?

I think I've mentioned in the past that the concept of customer service is completely lost on most companies in the Philippines. I mean when you have 100 million people crammed into an area whose land mass is about the same as Arizona it's easy for businesses to get the mentality of "So what if you won't shop here again, there are plenty others!" So over time the quality of products and services has dropped a lot in casual dining.

Sandwich Guy is a pretty basic sandwich joint and they keep prices relatively low. Recently, however, they have undergone a complete re-invention focusing on a few more "gourmet" style options and a small price increase across the board.

Twice in a row I've gone there and gotten a bit disappointed.

1) I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich
The grilled cheese sandwich consists of three slices of cheese with garlic butter and cheese sauce. They threw it into the sandwich press and when they pulled it out I noticed that the bread wasn't even toasted. So I asked "Is the cheese even melted?"
"No sir! The cheese does not melt."
"Umm.. could you put it in again? I mean the bread isn't even toasted... the whole point of a grilled cheese is that the bread is toasted and the cheese gets melty."
"No sir! This is how it's supposed to be!"
"Well, it sure doesn't look like that on the menu."
"Yes sir!" *blank stare*
*sigh* okay... whatever

2) I ordered BBQ chicken filet sandwich
The sandwich is being built very nicely and I watch her put the sandwich into the press; when she pulls it out to put veggies and other items on it I ask her to please use the Caesar dressing instead of mayo.
I should note that on the glass divider they have a big sign that says "Choose your dressings" with a list of EVERYTHING that they offer... only six of the 14 things listed actually exist in the store, Caesar is one of them.
"Sir, the Caesar is not allowed for this sandwich."
"Not allowed? What do you mean by that? It is on the list here."
"Sir, Caesar is not available!"
"I'm looking right at the bottle, it's right there." *points to it*
"Sir, it is not allowed for this sandwich."
"Why not? It's a dressing like all the others, what's the problem?"
*puts dressing on then stops and stares at me with the bottle still in hand*
"Thank you!"

Seriously? all that over a teaspoon of dressing?

I *LIKE* the combination of Caesar and BBQ ever since I discovered it in a Subway accident many years ago. It's like a party in my mouth. Please don't deny the party.

One of these days I'll share my daily bad service annoyances as part of our little cultural exchange program here on Bad_Service. :D
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