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Okay, So I decide its hot, so I want a McFlurry because their cheaper then blizzards. Now I'm wishing that I'd have gone to DQ to get a blizzard instead.

I walked into the store, probably about 5 after 10:00pm. I am the ONLY CUSTOMER in the entire building, and they have two cars in drive-thru. No biggie, right? The young man working the "Front" sees me, rolls his eyes and then walks to the drive-thru area. No biggie, he dosn't want customers inside.. k. So I wait.

And wait.
And wait.
Finally, 10 minutes later, he looks at me a mumbles (I couldn't understand, I only knew it was the pre-prepared speach..)
Him: Welmongin Mcdonalids howmm mmeea hepqp you (Thats what it sounded like.. o.x)
Me: I'd like an oreo Mcflurry, please.
Him: 2.25.
He then proceeds to walk away, sit in the drive thru chatting with a customer. He come back out, grabs a burger and a bag, and then puts icecream in a flurry cup. He then walks back to the drive thru, with flurry cup in hand, and talk for another 5 minutes. WTF. He then makes my flurry, sets it down, and then takes my money. I hand him 3.00.
He takes the money, stuffs it in the drawer, and walks away. WTF?!?! You just stole .75 dude.
I tried to say something but he walked away. He started talking and ended up there for 10 minutse before I finally said "Fuck it" and walked out. I was too pissed to confront him.

Now my question, is not only was my flurry half melted by the time I even got it, I was also ripped off by .75. Should I complain? Should I report him to the store manager? GRR.

Shitty Mcdonalds. I'm never eatting there again. This isn't the first time I've gotten craptastic service or have my order messed up. :(

(P.s. How hard is it to make a flurry..?)
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