swaggerdoodle (ex_swaggerd) wrote in bad_service,

Terrible support from Second Life

My mom is a fairly well-known fashion designer on Second Life. One morning about a week ago she signed on and found her avatar to be bald and naked with a pregnant shape standing in a random sandbox location. All of her linden were gone (over 8k) and her entire inventory had been cleared completely (about 20k irl money). She contacted the people at SL to try and get her stuff back or at least be reimbursed. Their response? "We're unable to help you with this. Sorry for the inconvenience." That was their exact words. I personally think SL is stupid and don't like the idea of putting real money into a game, but this is very important for my mom and they didn't given the tiniest fuck about her being hacked.
Tags: it's only bad service if you die
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