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two sucks in one day

Suck the first: made an appointment online with the local Dodge dealership on my 2005 Dodge Dakota 4x4 to get the rack and pinion replaced sometime last week. The service appointment was set up for 7 am on the 19th. Got to the dealership right at 7, and the service advisor told me "oh, we won't have the part until 12:30, but we can do some of the other stuff you asked about. It will be finished today though." 5:00 rolled around, and I haven't received a call from the service department. When 6:00 hit, I called them, but my service advisor was on the other line, so i left a message. He called me back saying "uh, sorry, but we didn't realize that your truck is a 4x4, so it won't be done today." Huh? #1-I put "Dakota Quad Cab 4x4" in the make and model online and #2--it says 4x4 on the side! Really? Waiting until 12:30 to realize it's not 2 wheel drive when it says it on the side of the truck? What I'd like to know is why they didn't call me when they realized there was an issue? They claimed it will be done by 8:30 am tomorrow... we shall see.

Suck the second: it's raining in biblical proportions here tonight, and for some reason, the laundry room drains attached to my apartment get backed up. Last time, I was unable to flush the toilet for fear of flooding my bathroom. I ended up having to call in an emergency work order and have maintenance come out and fix it. Well, here we go again... I was laying in bed and hearing this blooping sound coming from the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go, but once again, I couldn't flush the toilet. I had to shut the tank valve thing off. Even after I shut off the water to the commode, I kept hearing the blooping noise. I looked in the shower and there's water and sewage backing up into my tub. Tried to call the emergency maintenance number and the automated system wouldn't let me leave a message. Same thing for leaving a regular message for the leasing agent. I was able to put in a regular work order request online, but who knows when they'll be here to fix or rig it?

TL;DR: I have no truck and no bathroom.

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