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Ongoing Medical B_S

Four Months Ago: I go to my GP and ask to get onto the birth control pill so I can stack and put off my periods.  He asks me why.  I tell him that I'm not a woman and my periods cause me severe distress and dysphoria.  He looks at me like I'm crazy.  I can tell he's thinking Of course you're a woman, you have breasts and a vagina!  He continues to ask me why I want birth control.  I keep repeating my periods cause me severe distress.  After about five minutes, he caves in and gives me three packs of Alesse.  The Alesse made me bleed for three months straight; not my doctor's fault, but relevant to the rest of this bad service.

Last Wednesday: I go back to my GP.  He gives me Tri-Cyclen Lo and sends me on my way.  I get home, do some research, and realize it's a triphasic [a different level of hormones each week] pill.  These are nigh impossible to stack for any long periods of time.  Two months?  You can do it.  But I want rid of my period for as long as possible without surgery, so Tri-Cyclen Lo is not for me.

An Hour Ago: I outright tell my GP that I need a monophasic [only one level of hormones for every week] pill so I can stack.  His response?  Monophasic pills don't exist.  Yeah, no.  Alesse is monophasic.  Dozens of fucking brands are monophasic.  Then he proceeds to tell me that no one has ever successfully stacked HBC for any amount of time, at all, ever.  No one.  Ever.  Pissed off at this point, I tell him to go to the pharmacy [thank God there's one inside of the clinic] and tell the techs about what I want.  Lo and behold--they have several brands of monophasic pills which will, most likely, allow me to stack and not have a period!

Fuck you and your ignorant self, doctor.

ETA: You are all wonderful, thank you. ♥
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