narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

Why do you keep doing this?

At my apartment there are three trash cans, one is mine, one is my landlord's, and one is a shared recycling bin.  It's pretty standard and not all that interesting.  Mondays are trash days and for the past three weeks the trash collector has been doing something that absolutely baffles and annoys the living crap out of me.  They take the trash then put all the bins inside each other.  The recycling goes inside my trash bin and my trash bin goes inside my landlord's bin so that you have to pull them apart to use them again.  They are similar sized and tend to stick together and any water or gunk left inside the bins coats the stacked one and will fly out at you when you yank them apart.  Do you have any idea how gross it is to do this?  My landlord and I have both called the trash company and complained, yet today they did it again.  Luckily it was warm enough that I could just hose them down, but it's still gross!
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