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About a few months back, my parents hired a guy named Bernie to patch up some holes in the house.

During the first day he worked on the house, he handed my dad a business card that included information such as the name of his company, his name, his title, what type of repairs he would do, a contact number, and a licensing number. We didn't think much of this, so we put the card in a safe place. The guy was very personable.

Bernie came almost every day that week, minus one day, to work on the hole. After about a week the repairs were finished and my parents were pleased with the end results. My mom mentioned that she would like him to work on another repair, re caulking the two main bathrooms, and he agreed, saying that he would be able to do it after his vacation. They set up a time.

Two weeks pass and Bernie comes to the house to look at the two bathrooms to get an idea of the cost, and what he what products he would need. He leaves, buys the product, and decided he'll first try to clean the caulking that is already there. It does not work, but he tells my mom that he won't charge my parents for it. They decide on the original idea, which is to replace all the caulking.

This was a Monday, and he was supposed to come that Thursday. He does not show up that day, and he is not answering cellphone. The next day he calls up and explains that he is really sorry, that he was really sick and could not move for that day, but that he would show up tomorrow. My mom agrees to it, and he sticks to his plan.

On March 10th, he removes all the caulking around my parent's bath tub. Sometime that caught my eye is that I could hear him talk calls during the work. While one or two were work-related, the majority of these calls were from his wife/unfriendly and friends. I could hear what he said clearly, even though he was on the top floor of the house and I was on the first level.

After he was done for the day, he said that he would show up next Wednesday.

He doesn't show. In fact, we haven't heard from him since that Saturday. My parents have calling him various times, and he has made no attempts to contact us. We don't know what happen to him, and as far as we know, he's injured or maybe even dead.

Today, after nine days, my dad decided to look up his license number, and goes to the official website for my site. The licensing number cannot be found. So, my dad calls up and finds out that Bernie's license expired in 2001. We are currently trying to figure out what to do because he left some supplies (vacuum thing, buckets, various tools), etc. in the house. Also, we have a bath tub that cannot be used, unless we want to risk having water drip down the holes where the missing caulking was.

I did find his Facebook, while searching his name, and found out that he's active on there. I also found out that he was not sick that day, and he just didn't feel like going to work that day. 

Another interesting thing is that when I looked up his company, it is owned by a guy named Bernard with a different last name. It could just be possible he's using a different name, but considering the fact he's working without a licensing and not showing up, this fact just makes me even more suspicious. 

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