Allison (sidekicknomore) wrote in bad_service,

The other hospital story made me remember this.

I have hereditary migranes. Blinding ones that fuck up my vision, really bad, I cannot see out of one or more eyes during it. Last year I started getting them more often, and after several doctor visits we realized that my potassium levels + amount of caffene in my system is the trigger (means I have to eat high potassium diet and not coffee/chocolate/ect). I'm a student, my major requires I work at the college barn and ride so many hours a week.

One day I'm riding and I start getting spots in my vision and then all of a sudden the "train" of the migrane hits my head. What makes this worse is that we had been jumping fences. (generally I have an hour from the first spot to the mirgrane, this time it was less then a 1 minute between them) I was in the middle of a line of fences and planned to pull up after the line and get off because the fences were to close to stop, but the migraine hit before the second of the three fences.

So when I get these things I can't see, like at all. I'm just about blind. This time I can see shadows for a few moments and then it changes to bring colors, so I have to shut my eyes. My horse lands and i'm clinging, knowing theres one more fence. Thankfully I make it over and then I fall off afterwards (horse turns I don't). I lay on the ground and inform my instuctor I can't see, he knows i get them and has the barn call 911. Were all pretty calm about this because its happened before (not while on a horse, but I've lost my vision while at the barn.) My frien, the EMT, is there and offeres to goto the hospital with me. The "real" emt's seem a little freaked out and don' believe me that I can't see, but take me anyway.

So, we get to the hospital. Now. I've got a hard core migrane, worse I've ever hard, as well as nast bruises because I fell. The pain is so nasty I'm whimpering, whimpering in the hospital and curled in my wheelchair. My friend tells them I fell off and my headaches and I can't see. They tell me to wait til I'm called. This is a porirbly serious head injury, and I'm told to wait. It gets better. 2 hours pass. I'm dying, I need drugs and heavy doeses of potassium. I'm getting worse and worse. We ask the lady how long, and then wait another hour. Finally I cannot take the pain anymore. I stand up and somehow manage to stuble to the nurses station (I was later told I was crying and moving like I was drunk) and screamed, not like a regular yell. I screamed like the baby behind you on the airplane, until someone came to help me. I don't know if anyone was infront of me, but i hope so, I hope i gave them a headache.

They take me back and rush my head CT, (as usual find nothing) and give me painkillers as well as potassium (in the form of 5 bannana's) 20 minutes later I'm better. My mirgrane is manageable enough for me to go home and I can see again. I was out in an hour. an hour, but sat in a waiting room for 3. I wrote a letter to the management and filed a complaint. Apparently the nurse at the station had done that to people before, refusing to get them a doctor if she didn't believe them. I've been to the hospital twice since then and gotten in to a doctor quickly.

It still blows my mindthat that one nurse would do that to someone obviously in pain.
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