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Glad its ALMOST over

So heres the first post about what happened and it also has an update on it that I added the other night.


So I called the other day to find out why I have not received an order number this time around. 
I got told there is no such thing as an order number. It takes 3 to 5 days to process so I should receive the sim card tomorrow
I asked how there is no order number when I received one the first time and the woman laughed and said she does not see one. I tried for 25 minutes to get her to figure out how I got one last time if they dont exist and then asked for a higher up. (She was already a supervisor so she said there is no higher up) 
She tells me fed-ex does not have the package yet. 
Then all of a sudden she says oh here is your order number! Lists off a number and I ask her to hold on one second as I put the number into their website since I am on my computer calling her.
Then she tells me no dont that is not actually an order number its a number we use to place orders.
I enter number anyways to make sure and nothing happens so I tell her I want to speak to someone higher up now
Once again all of a sudden okay hold please and I will transfer you to my manager

Manager tells me same thing. No order number exists. Then asks me to confirm my mothers maiden name. Umm I never gave you that so why?
Asks me for my phone number instead
So you dont even have an account pulled up but you know theres no order number??
Goes back and fourth with several different numbers that don't work.
Finally tells me I can give you the fed ex tracking number you should get your package by friday.

Come friday (yesterday)
I got my At&t sim card and called in to activate it they said would you like to keep the same number
I say yes. And then get told it may take 2 days to resume service that way
So I said just give me a new number then also they told my you guys were going to reimburse me for the time I couldn't use my phone on the phone card. (took about 3 minutes. Pleasant surprise.
Says alright your new number is blah blah blah and your phone card has been reimbursed. Please hold while I call your cell phone to make sure it works

She calls it works great 5 bars WONDERFUL!!!!
 Anything else I can help you with?
No thank you
Good done and it only took about 14 minutes in total.

I called my mom and let her know my new number and then decided to check how good the Internet works now that I have service. It doesn't work.....-.-

Turns out they updated my phone card and changed it to the 1000 minute 1000 text card instead of the everything unlimited like I purchased.

I will be making one more call to them Monday morning to fix this. And then since the phone will work great I will be giving it to my sister because she does a lot of things in store where as I do a lot online. Their in store service is excellent because you don't actually have to deal with them. Online is shit cause they are complete fucking morons. XD

Needless to say I am getting a plan instead. Phone comes Monday and its a company my fiance has had before so we know how the customer service is and that it works great. 
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