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To be honest, I probably wouldn't even be complaining if I didn't give out my SS# to some random person because of this.

I arrived on campus on March 9 to get my transcripts. The registrar told me I had a Student Accounts hold, so I went to the office of Xxxxx Smith to figure out what was wrong. Ms. Smith told me she saw an account hold for one hundred and some odd dollars but I couldn't pay it to College today, because it had been sent to collections in 2008. I expressed my surprise because I've received mail from the College every year, but never a bill. Ms. Smith said I must have gotten it because it was sent.  I asked her for the collections number so I could settle this matter. Ms. Smith wrote down a number for a law office for me. She got increasingly dismissive as I questioned the procedure the College had went through to notify me of this, so I left campus. I called the number which was not a valid number. I returned to her office and she continued her dismissive attitude, and said she had transposed a few digits.

She then gave me the correct number. I said, that must have been what happened with my address and she indicated that she looked at my account, the address they had on file was 45 Wxxxx Lane and all letters had been returned to the College. I had to laugh at that point because 45 Wxxxx is a College-owned property so of course I didn't live there anymore. She said they had no way of knowing I wasn't living there, and I indicated she could have checked the Alumni office. I left and spent the next 20 minutes giving out my financial details (including Social Security number) to a law firm that in turn had no record of me.

I called Ms. Smith back and she said actually, she had looked at my account again after I left and the debt had actually been sent to a different place. She told me she had called and gave them a number on file--obviously a 5 year old one--and she offered to take down my new number and have them call me. At this point I was extremely upset at the behavior and handling of my case by Ms. Smith. She did not treat me with dignity, she was increasingly dismissive and did not try to help me solve this problem, and I would go further to state that she tried to impede on getting it taken care of in a timely manner. If she had taken one minute to read my file on the first visit, I could have been in and out of her office quickly with the correct information. Instead, I had to visit her office twice, call once, and call an entirely wrong number and give out my personal details!  If this is how she treats alumni I can only imagine how she treats the students. 
Xxxx Xxxx '06
There's a bunch I'm leaving out, like when she told me she gave them the old number and I declined to give her my new one and asked her to give me the number for them, she kept saying it so fast I had to ask her three times to repeat it. She had to be doing that on purpose but whatever. Anyway, help me trim it down to the necessities? I think it sounds too emotional and I want to leave it all because she really tried to make me feel like a piece of shit. It's hard to put down on paper the tone and rude eyes she was giving me.  At least this never went on my credit report, so there's that. 

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