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Bad experience with Russian airlines.

Please share this with the world, so NOONE will go through what we had to.
Here is what happened to us and all of the other people who were on the plane. 
We decided to go to Japan with Aeroflot. I have never used Aeroflot before but a lot of other companies. I used like 5 (Swiss, KLM, Austrian Airlines, British Airlines etc) All were as it should be. I thought all is like that.
This time I chose Aeroflot. (BAD choice)
Until Moscow the flight was ok. Not the best but ok. From Moscow...it became a nightmare.
They announced the flight to Tokyo is cancelled, then because everyone was angry they changed it to delayed. UNTIL next morning. We asked why. They spoke with us in Russian. They didn't care we can't speak Russian. Just imagine. A LOT of people with tight schedules (someone even missed his work because of the delay). They told us in English finally that "if you don't have Russian visa you can't go to hotel. You have to stay here. The reason of the delay is secret, we won't tell you."
Everyone became very angry. They demanded even their money back (futile, they were ignored), some people late the business meeting they were supposed to attend, the only reason they had to fly to Japan so the whole flight became futile. 
We were stuck in Moscow airport, without place to sleep, with luggages with rude staff. 
Then they said they can make us visa for one day (which last about 3 hours) then they can bring us to hotel.  There were a few people who chose that way, but it was not the best either.
We stayed at the airport without being able to sleep.
Morning came. The actual time when the airplane SHOULD have taken off. Even that time NOONE knew when it will actually take off. The staff refused to speak to us. Refused to help in anything. 
Because we knew once we arrive to Narita, there won't be any trains to the town, we said Aeroflot staff that we don't want to sleep at Narita airport, so they should do something, give us hotelroom to that one night.
A staff member came, gave us a stamp, his signature and telephone number. He said if we show that at Narita, they will give us hotel for free for that one night. This caused everyone to calm down a little.
Result? We arrived at Narita around midnight. No trains indeed. We showed the stamp, it turned out the stamp, the name, even the signature was fake. Of course the phone number too. 
So we were told that "we are sorry, but we won't give you hotel." 
We could do nothing. Tired, with that much delay, without normal food people were forced to stay at Narita.
I wrote them that I want to change the date of my ticket back to my country FOR FREE because it is the least they can do. They said that they are really sorry for everything what happened, but there is NO WAY they change it for free. THEY were angry at ME how I even dare to ask this. I asked them: "So how much do you want us to pay for the change then?" The answer was: "100 euro each."
ARE THEY SERIOUS? I am now broke, I can't spend 100 euro to this and I don't even want to after such a horrible service and happenings. And I am sure everyone agrees with me that after all the unpleasant things they caused they should change for free.
After such a bad service, after being lied to, after losing business meetings and a lot of time, after forcing us to sleep at two different airports without caring anything but their money. Is it what "service" is called? Is it how we have to be treated because it is a big company and doesn't care?
Show them we can't be treated like that! If it happened to me, it can happen to you too if you decide to use Aeroflot!
I share this post everywhere I can. Maybe it won't have effect, but at least the world should know how unreliable Russian Airlines/Aeroflot is.
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