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Pepsi V. Coca Cola

Hiya! First post here. And brief, to boot.

It's not a huge deal, but it's still annoying as fuck.

I go to a pub I've never been to before with a friend of mine. I'm not in the mood for alcohol so while he orders a Beam and Coke, I order just a plain Coke. It had already taken the waitress a good five minutes to come take our drink order (and the place was practically barren, but that's not the point of the story), and then takes her another five minutes to get them out to us.

I take one sip and spit it back into the glass.

It was Pepsi. I HATE PEPSI. The look on my friend's face when he took a drink of his "Beam and Pepsi" was priceless, too.

After ten minutes she glances over at us while she's walking into the kitchen area and I motion for her to come over. She saw me, I know she did, and ignored me. She exited through the other door of the kitchen and we didn't see her again for at least another five minutes when she brought us our bill.

WHAT? We'd only ordered two drinks. Granted, I hadn't had a sip of mine and my friend was barely choking his down but whatever. I thought that pretty assumptive of her. We paid, and still left her a tip, though not as big as what I usually leave for a waitress. I just couldn't stand being there any more, not even to politely bitch at them for not telling me I'd be getting gross Pepsi or for failing to check on us after giving us our drinks (or coming to see if we wanted to order food!).

So, yeah. My main rant is just that I hate Pepsi. I drink Coke, that's why I asked for a Coke. I realize they don't have Coke, and that's fine. If she'd told me that I'd have gotten a Mountain Dew or maybe even a margarita or something. Every place that doesn't carry Coke products tells me they have Pepsi if I ask for a Coke. It's like... going to the deli and asking for armour ham and getting brown sugar ham instead, you know? If I wanted that, I'd ask for it.

Yeesh. Sorry, this kind of went on for a while. Hehe. But I think even hard core Pepsi drinkers will see where I'm comin' from. You order a Pepsi and you want a damn Pepsi!

Damn people.
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