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Doctors, I am disappoint. Pharmacy too.

So my doctor's office is about 30 minutes from my home. The only reason I stick with him is because he is a GREAT doctor, understands my condition, and keeps it to a manageable degree that I can do more than just lie in bed.
Ok, so. 

I called in last Monday for my prescriptions. They are controlled substances, and while the prescription hotline says 24-48 hours, it can really be up to several days to get a call back.

But by this Monday I didn't get one, and the several times I tried to call, I couldn't get through. Just cycled through hold, never a real person picking up.

So today (several days AFTER my scripts are due to be refilled, and I am starting to really feel the pain and can't hold out), my dad takes me down there to get them. 
We head down at 8 am, get there a little after8:30 am.

I have no scripts waiting for me.

When I go "I called them in LAST Monday, I don't get this." I get "Well did we call you?"

"No." I said, "But I tried several times to try to call yesterday, and never got through!"

"Oh well our phones were messed up yesterday." the receptionist states.

So how could you have contacted me then if they were? I wodnered, but I bit my tongue.

"No worries, we'll print them out!" she goes. My doc wasn't there, but a few of the other docs had filled my scripts before and were allowed to.

So I wait. And wait. And wait.

"Is there something wrong?" I ask, worried my dad is going to freak. I only come down once a month, i can't get rids everyday if they suddenly go "NOPE NOTGONNA FILL THIS!" and they shouldn't seeing as this is past the due date for refills.

"We can't get your scripts to print,for some reason" the receptionist goes. "We're not sure what's wrong."

45 minutes or so later, they go "Ok, we'll just write them" and the doctor hand writes them both. 

I'm just relieved to get out of there!

I go downstaris to the pharmacy there (thank GOD they have one!) and hand them the scripts.

"We won't fill these" the pharmacist goes.

"What? Why not? I just got these upstairs, they said it should be fine.." I go, close to panic already. I sat this long and now I have to go back up?

they refuse again and I go back upstairs, relate the story. Receptionist calls down, and gets the number they needed on it, says it's fine.

I go back downstairs, the pharmacist (AGAIN) goes "No. I refuse to fill these." 

At this point, I can't help the frustrated tears. I hate it, but can't help it. When i get angry? I cry. It sucks.

BTW: it's 10.42 now. How do I know? One of the techs calls the normal pharmacist (who I know and is awesome) to ask if they can fill this, since the one working is refusing flat out no matter what.

One of the pharmacy techs (Dan) takes the scripts and goes "Come with me. We're figuring this out." and we march back upstairs where he talks to the receptionist and another worker in the doc office.

After a few minutes, they figure it out, and I can get my scripts filled! I nearly tackled Dan to hug him.

So, after some major sucks (and I get the pharmacy having to cover their butts for laws, but really? After getting confirmation FROM The doc office itself?!) it all worked out.

I got home from Dover after noon. Yeah. It took 4 hours to get there, get my scrips, and get back. Cut out an hour for travel? 3 hours sitting and waiting for scripts that SHOULD have been printed yesterday at the LEAST.

I'm just glad it worked out, I would have been highly upset if they told me I had to just 'wait till the system came  back up so we can print them'

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