Emily (d00ditsemily) wrote in bad_service,

Outback bad service follow up with more bad service!

A follow up to this post: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/2994447.html

So, I went in on Sunday night with my husband and the other couple.

We were sat. The waitress was very slow, ignored us and made it seem like we were a bit of a bother. My husband's friend's wife said that our old waitress from the original suck kept walking by and smirking but I really didn't notice. Empty drink cups were kept on the table for the whole night, even when she came to check on us with empty hands. That's fine. I definitely expected better since I was in here for a service related issue. Everything was not great, but not terrible until it came to the check. She asked me how I wanted them to be split.

I asked her if I could speak to Billy since he hadn't come out since we were there. She immediately got an attitude with me. She told me that he was too busy to speak to me. I then told her that he said he was going to treat us to our meal tonight. She again told me that I could not speak to him. So I told her that I needed to speak to him and I wouldn't leave until I did. In a huff, she told me that I would be waiting a while and then left. Within a couple minutes, another woman came to our table and told me that the manager was busy cooking and asked if I needed anything. I told her that I was here for a service related issue and the meal is suppose to be on the manager. She smiled and went and got him for me.

He came out, shook my hand, and told me thanks for trying them out again. I was too flustered at the moment to say anything about the attitude I received and I just wanted to leave. Next thing I knew our waitress was there with a huge smile on her face and was as sweet as pie. She definitely was not the same as she had been for our whole hour that she has been serving us. She boxed our food and thanked us for coming out. We left and that was that.

When I got home I emailed corporate about everything that happened from the first visit, phone call and the second visit. The next day I got a phone call from the regional manager. His opening sentence was him apologizing and saying how appalled he was about this whole situation. We discussed it for about 15 minutes and he told me that this restaurant came under new ownership within the last year and since then the service has gone down a lot, managers were switched around to different places and it's just gone down hill. He told me that he talked to the owner and the owner was very upset about what happened. They are sending in a second manager to clean up the service for the next couple months. The regional manager asked me to try the restaurant again and that he was sending gift certificates in the mail. He told us that when we go in ask to speak to a manager ASAP and tell them that he sent us and then call him to tell him about the service we received. I'm unsure about going back though.

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