fairylights85 (fairylights85) wrote in bad_service,

I just want my parcel.

I ordered something online and got a slip in the mail the other day stating it was at the nearest postal outlet. That happens to be in a Shopper's Drug Mart a couple of blocks from where I live. When I first stepped foot in the place I saw a Canada Post sign over a counter off to the side. I figured that was were I was supposed to pick up my parcel. And this is where the suck happens.

Me: Hi, I'm here to pick up a ---
Rude woman: NO.
Me: *confused* Um... excuse me?
RW: *In a snotty tone* The post office is AROUND THE CORNER and they don't open till NOON. Next! 

I had nearly an hour to kill so I went to run another errand. When I came back I browsed around a bit and found myself being followed by the same woman! I thought maybe I was being paranoid but every time I went to another aisle she'd pop up somewhere close and pretend to be working. As soon as I got my parcel I got out of there fast.

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