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Is this as bad as I think it is??


Hii! So my finance went online to straight talk and decided to get me a phone because we dont have a house phone and hes worried about me being home alone sometimes and also we need the phone in case of emergencies. So we order the phone. Get the confirmation email that says it will be 3 day shipping with fed ex. Next day on fed ex it says we will not get it for 6 days NOT counting the weekend. Counting sat-sun would be 8 days to ship. Not an issue really just kind of annoying. I called fed ex to find out why and they say thats the way straight talk ordered it. Call straight talk and they tell me they cant do anything to change it and I quote "Even though it says 3 day shipping, you wont actually get it in 3 days sorry." This is all annoying but I didnt care I haven't owned a phone in more then 6 months and I was glad to be able to get a hold of people if need be.
Cue to a few days ago I get the phone I go through set up and Im on my way. Works great the first day. Can send and receive texts fine. Can place clear quality calls great and INTERNET on the phone is quick.
Then the next day CANNOT SEND TEXT.....thats the message I keep seeing ha
Try to place a call EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY!
okaaayyy why is my brand new phone not working. Call a couple friends off friends phone to ask if they have issues with their straight talk phones at my house. Get told no they work great.
Call straight talk customer service and after being on the phone for only 15 minutes get told how to put a code into my phone and now my phone will work great. This makes me happy
Couple minutes later no service again. Now I am pissed off. Because now I have wasted my time.
Call back and I am on the phone for 50 minutes while they look up information. Sadly I am not exaggerating. I get told follow these steps.
Pull out the battery with the phone on. Mmkay
Put it back in and turn it on
Place a call
Oh you cant because you have no signal
Pull out the battery again
Pull out the sim card, maybe you got it dirty when you put it in.....I didnt put it in it was in when I got the phone in the mail
Ohh well then you need a new phone. You send it back to use at your cost. Then in 3 to 4 weeks you will get a new phone
WHAT?!?! EXCUSE ME? This is a brand new phone. I need a phone at my house my finance has SKID to make that short he was born without an immune system he is a bubble boy with out the bubble we need to be able to call 911 if something happens i need to be able to contact his doctors and parents. I need to stay in touch with my parents. And your telling me now that I wasted my time and my money and now you want me to wait 3 to 4 weeks for a new phone??!?
Then she says Well you said you didn't insert the sim card right? Let me see if my supervisor can do anything.
I wait on hold for just a moment.
Alright pixie3208 were gonna send you a new sim card you should receive it in 4 to 5 days but if that does not help you WILL have to send your phone back to us at cost to you.
Alright well lets hope this works
Yadda yadda yadda end call

So good service in the end is what I am thinking. But what if it doesnt work? Has anyone ever dealt with this? Am I right to be pissed off.

So a little more info first because I didnt go into enough detail the first time. My bad. 
I have not owned a phone in over 6 months. My fiance has. He had a phone on his mothers plan and was coming to were he had to update to another 2 year contract so to take some financial stress off his parents he told them dont re contract that phone because we would just go ahead and get our own phones. We dont have a house phone and he got rid of his once mine arrived. So yeah its a bit of an issue to not have a phone around when you have someone with SCID in your home.

Didnt think I had to go into that much detail about it.

Anyways I recieved my conformation email for the new sim card and it is t-mobile one. T-mobile does not work here at all. So this is completely useless to me. So I look to see what my old sim card was. T-mobile yet again. Ahhh it all makes sense now. 
I decide to call Straight Talk Customer service from hell again off my computer because my dad told me about google talk which is pretty cool for said emergency situations 
First I get connected to a man who had to tell me he is very sorry but does not speak english.

After 15 minutes of trying really hard for him to understand the words I want to speak to a supervisor please. He transfers me. (I wish I were being over dramatic or unrealistic about these time frames and the difficulty of getting these people to understand a damn thing)
I get connected with the superviosr I tell her they are sending the wrong sim card its the same one and let her know tmobile doesnt work around here they get no reception so that could be why. She asks me to hold while she looks up some information. 
20 minutes go by. 
She did not put me on hold she said there and breathed into my ear while she read what ever the hell it is she was reading. 
At this point I am so pissed off they have wasted more of my time.
22 minute point.

Me: Excuse me what is it your looking up because I have been on the phone for 22 minutes with you now. 
Supervisor: I am reading the information on your phone so we can have you to go through prompts please so we can see if for it will work (she said if for...-.-)
Me: Oh we did that all last time and it didnt work thats why your sending me a sim card
Supervisor: Sim card?
Me: Yes you sent me a new sim card but it is t-mobile and that does not work around here
Supervisor: Oh alright well yes I see sim card is sent out and that work for you thank you if that is all
Supervisor: Questions please?
Me: Listen I just want a new sim card okay. One that works. I just want a working phone. This is ridiculous.
Supervisor: Alright well let me see coverage in where you live what is address
Me: 1 bajillion chicken pot pie place, some place in some state in the usa
Supervisor: Repeat
So I do
Supervisor: Repeat
So I do
Supervisor: Repeat
So I do and this time very slow and spelling it all out 
Supervisor: I am sorry I can not understand could you call back on better phone
I FLIPPED out I know I will probably get heat for this but I did
Supervisor: Okay I can help but please to not use words. 
Me: *breath* I am sorry I am just very stressed by all of this
Supervisor: Okay I will check coverage in 1 bajillion chicken pot pie place, some place in some state in the usa
Me: *I thought you didnt understand me -.-* Okay

She then sits there and breaths in my ear for another 25 minutes! (this bothers me mostly because I have worked in call centers before and you take care of the customers needs in a quick and efficient manner and also you put them on hold you dont sit there and say nothing for 25 minute)
so were at the 45 minute point. 

She comes back and tells me there is no t-mobile coverage in my area so i shouldnt have ordered that sim card....Umm I didnt. They did. Idk
I let her know this and tell her which phone companys get service around here
She says hold again
I being a stressed out bitch say to her 
Me: You are a supervisor correct?!?
Supervisor: Yes
Me: Then why on earth is it taking this long. Your company has wasted so much of my time why should I even use this phone now? Whats the point?!?
Supervisor: Ma'am I am trying to help I am going to check the coverage in your area
Me: Wait I thought you already did that?
Supervisor: I will check what carriers work on 1 bajillion chicken pot pie place.
Me: Okay how long is this going to take?
Supervisor: I dont know (WHAT?)
Me: You cant give me an estimated time frame?
Supervisor: Ma'am I dont know
Me: Do you even know what you are doing?
Supervisor: No (I shit you not she said no. I head desk'ed at this point and decided she probably didn't realize what I just asked her)
Me: Okay do it
Supervisor: Okay hold please

15 minutes later
Me: Couldn't you just give me a call back or something I don't understand why it takes this long
Supervisor: One moment ma'am I am sorry about the wait I am about to check coverage
Me: Okay....

15 more minutes before she says anything
Supervisor: Alright AT&T will work there I will get my immediate supervisors approval and then we will be done
Me: *YAY* Okay 
Supervisor: May I put on hold.
Me: Yes (very happy now I will be done)

Then like a wild fruit bat flying at my head out of the blue I hear a sound so much more relaxing then that woman's breathing. I hear hold music. Its such a wonderful sound. And I hear it. And hear it. And hear it. And hear it. And I think you get the picture here.
30 minutes goes by. I have my computer screen in front of me this whole time and I should probably stop staring at the time because its honestly stressing me out with how long its taking.

Supervisor: Hello yes ma'am I am able to send. 
Me: Yay alright so when should I get this?
Supervisor: 4 to 5 days. If you could hold one more moment I need to call t-mobile and make sure it is okay
Me: Huh? What? Call them for what?
Supervisor: To make sure it is okay to replace their sim card with at&t
Me: What? Its a straight talk phone not t-mobile it says it right on the phone. You dont control your own phones?
Supervisor: Hold please

25 minutes later
Supervisor: Okay I will send out now. I just need address
Me: My address is yada yada yadda ya know first one you asked for
Supervisor: Name?
Me: You dont keep this on account? If you dont keep it why did I have to give it all at start up?
Supervisor: No ma'am
Me: My name is blah blah (doesn't matter cause at this point im sure you'll remember me as mega bitch only)
Supervisor: Thank you okay. Let me note the account we will credit back days where you could not use phone correctly once your new sim card arrives
Me: Okay do you want me to send the other one back
Supervisor: No keep
Me: Okaay well thank you
Supervisor: Your welcome now hold please for notes

We are at 2 hours and 10 minutes folks and shes asking me to hold yet again. 
Another half hour and she says she is done gives me an order number and phone call is ended

Whew that took forever
Great ending right?? 
No wrong. I have not receive a confirmation email like the first time so I put in the order number on their site and it says no such order exists. I put in my email instead and it says I have no order. I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATE THIS COMPANY. I know I was being a complete cunt to that woman at times and Im really not ashamed I have gotten nothing but horrible service from this company. Now I dont even have an order for a 2 hour and 40 minute phone call. So Ill call in tomorrow morning and see whats up.

Also I am sorry for my crappy grammar. You people probably want to kill me at this point haha. I am trying to improve it. :)

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