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Miss Miah

Moving into a new place is always so fun

I'm pretty sure I'm getting bad service from someone, I just haven't narrowed down the culprit/s yet.

Due to our old landlord notifying us on the second of January that he was moving back to town and wanted his house back, preferably before our lease expired in April, my husband and I were encouraged to find a new home to rent as quickly as possible.

We ended up finding a place in our price range that we thought we could live with. The location wasn't ideal and the house had been vacant for over a year, but the landlord had just had it repainted and the carpet replaced. We were assured that all the smaller repairs we'd pointed out would be dealt with quickly.

So we moved in on the first of February and discovered that that small list of repairs was actually pretty extensive and included things like a non-functioning heater and AC (which was taken care of within the first week, thankfully).

The realtor we go through is very lackadaisical about everything. We call or email with a repair request and he assures us he's on it, and then we have to do it several more times before someone actually shows up. For the little things, that's fine. I can live without a globe for the bathroom light fixture for a few weeks.

But not being able to use the kitchen or master bathroom sinks because they both leak constantly? Not to mention not being able to deal with the mold issue under the sinks until the leaks were taken care of? Not cool.

The day we moved in, a refurbished appliance delivery man shows up with a new to the house stove and dishwasher. He was about five hours late showing up, which was five hours my husband had to request off work so he could hang around the house waiting for delivery and installation. We had no way to get in contact with the delivery person since our realtor couldn't find his number, so we had no idea when he would actually show up.

Since the kitchen sink leaked so badly, the water had been turned off at that point, which meant the dishwasher had never been turned on other than the one time the delivery guy tried it to make sure it was running. I never saw the dishwasher actually in use.

A week of only having the one working sink in the guest bathroom later, the plumber comes out and spends four hours telling me his entire life story and fixing both sinks and a few other plumbing related issues around the house. At that point, I had no issues with the plumber. He fixed everything we asked him to look at, he was friendly, and he even double checked to make sure the dishwasher was filling with hot water correctly because we'd been having some hot water issues, too.

Unfortunately, he discovered the dishwasher was not filling at all. He called it in to his boss who told him to check to make sure the water was fine at the source, and that's all he could do for us because the dishwasher itself was something he didn't deal with. However, he assured me that everything leading up to where the dishwasher attaches to the undersink stuff (I don't know the terms, sorry) was in working order.

We call the realtor that day to let him know the dishwasher is broken and needs repaired. While we spend the next two weeks waiting for an appointment, we scrub down the insides of the moldy cabinets with an entire arsenal of mold/mildew killing things, followed by 409 and then vinegar. We have just now reached the point where the gross smell has almost dissipated enough that I can stand at the sink and wash things without wanting to sneeze or vomit.

Yesterday the dishwasher repairman finally shows up, and it is the same guy who installed it. He smells strongly of cigarettes which sets off my asthma and forced me to use my inhaler, he's over an hour late for his appointment, and he doesn't have a working flashlight or the spare part he is pretty sure needs replaced on the dishwasher. A water valve, I think. He tells me he'll be back that afternoon or possibly this morning.

I've got several pets that all need to be contained behind closed doors before strangers can come in the house, especially if there is a chance outside doors will be left wide open. I prefer to have some sort of prior notice before repairmen show up, but he hasn't been very good about calling ahead to let me know when he's going to show so I go ahead and lock up the furballs when I get up this morning, just in case.

He doesn't show up until after one. He spends five minutes knocking about hitting things under the sink and then tells me that the problem is not the dishwasher water valve like he first thought, it's a valve under the sink and therefore it is the plumbers problem. And then he leaves.

The realtor is annoyed when I call to tell him what the dishwasher guy said. He says he'll contact a plumber.

Twenty minutes later, I run some water in the sink and water starts pouring out from under the cabinet doors to the floor.

So much cussing, it's not even funny.

Once I calm down enough that I can call the realtor again without using foul language, I get his voicemail and let him know that the kitchen sink is now leaking again after the dishwasher repairman messed around with it, and that frankly I don't think the repairman actually knew what he was doing or what he was talking about.

I haven't heard back from a plumber or the realtor yet, but I don't expect to hear from anyone for another few days at this rate.

So - to sum up because that was much longer than I expected it to be - new rental property has lots of issues including dodgy plumbing and a dishwasher that may or may not be broken. The plumber says the dishwasher is the issue, the dishwasher repairman says the plumbing is the issue. End result, I still have a dishwasher that does not work and now my kitchen sink is trying to flood my kitchen again because the repairman.

Also, I have to work with the world's most disinterested realtor whenever I need something fixed, and it has taken a month just to reach today's stand off regarding the dishwasher.
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