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I need a venti coffee....STAT!

A girlfriend of mine just posted this in her LJ, and I told her it belonged here too, so I'm posting it for her. (She lives in New Jersey)

Heh..its been a day from hell...

I was supposed to work today, I never made it...
"LB" was walking across the damp front yard in flip flops (can you see where this is going) fell, and sprained her ankle...so we had to make a trip up to good old sussex county St Claires (DONT bother...)

I get there with her, she cant walk, so I Pull my car up to the emergency entrance and go in and ask for assistance...(an orderly or nurse with a wheel chair woulda been nice)

>front desk girl< Oh..we dont do that, you have to do that...
>me< um..ok can I have a wheelchair?

>front desk girl< ~ Rolls her eyes, I guess I interrupted or inconvenienced her...and points to the waiting room...ITS in THERE..
>me< Grabs the chair goes back out gets my daughter in it and wheels her into the front desk girl
>Her< oh put her there in triage...is that your car? You have to move it

Ok, so I leave "LB" alone and run outside, move my truck across the street (Took me 3 mintues to park and get back in) and by the time I came in they triaged her..(Without me there kinda pissed me off) the only thing they were concerned about was...my insurance card and my DL...

So...I fill out the paperwork, and they put her in a room...and we wait
we wait first 20..then 30 now its getting up to 45 min...and finally the doctor comes in..

He looks at me...again looking like we were some big annoyance..
>sigh< whats wrong.
Kris starts explaining and he looks at me...
>dr asswhipe< IS that true?
I wanted to say..NO shes lying...she just enjoys pain

~ Eyeroll~

Ok so he pokes her ankle a few times...and says ..lets get it xrayed
(heres where it gets fun)

He orders an xray..for her LEFT ankle...Um..hello its her RIGHT Ankle!!!! (can we say Im ready to leave now) Thankfully the xray guy took xrays of the one that "hurt"

So we get back to the room...and wait and wait and wait (about another 40 min) and a nurse comes in, puts an air cast on her..shoves some papers at me, gives her crutches, and says, its sorta sprained (sorta???) stay off it for a few days, she can go back to school today...

I ask for a note from school...they say...Oh no we dont do that..
ok so we leave..
I get home and Im NOT comfortable with this diagnosis...NOT comfortable at all...so I called my ortho, the same guy who did my knee scope..and got her an appointment for this afternoon....

I call the hospital and tell them I need the xrays...and guess what? they have no record of it...finally they find them, and I go pick them up...

And... THEY GIVE ME THE WRONG XRAYS!!! yep you read that right..I Got someone elses xrays...(thankfully I checked in the parking lot!) so I go back in...and flip out...

Anyhooo..its severely sprained..she pulled ligaments, shes wrapped and air casted and on crutches for the next 2 weeks...then 2 weeks of PT...and take it from there..

Moral of this story...DONT GET HURT IN SUSSEX COUNTY!
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