Eve (aoife) wrote in bad_service,


This morning at the dentist I discovered that I'd been moved from one category of benefits to another. I hadn't noticed this because both "pay" the same amount, but the category I had been in meant that I didn't have to pay for dental work to be done. The first I found out about this change (which apparently happened on 8 Oct 11) was on being presented with a bill for dental work approximately equal to the amount I'm supposed to live on for a week. My response was WTF?! Especially as I need a wisdom tooth surgically removed after having damaged it during a seizure, and it's badly infected. I hadn't noticed because I'm on heavy pain medication for other medical issues.

Fortunately I was able to get a family member to pay the bill over the phone, and the dentist has agreed to allow me to have a payment plan for any further work, so that was good service, but the bad service in this case was the Department of Work and Pensions, because I could be charged for fraud because of their actions!
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