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I don't even... know.

We have recently have been making a habit of going out with my husband's friend and his wife for dinner every couple of weeks. Last night was a night were we went out and we chose America's favorite Australian themed restaurant. We've been going to this restaurant location since 2009 and it's been one of the best places we have gotten service in the area, until last night.

My husband and I did call ahead seating and when we got seated the other half of our party had not shown up. Our waitress E came up to us, took our drink order and we ordered an appetizer. I ordered a water and a frozen alcoholic beverage and my husband ordered a tea. She came back with my husband's tea and told me that she was waiting for the bar to make my drink. I asked her if I could have a water. She brought my water and disappeared to the large table next to us. We get our appetizer and our other half of our party shows up (this is 30 minutes later). She asks them for their drink orders. I ask her if I could have my beverage from the bar. She came back with their drinks and my drink. It was melted and warm as if she had let it sit for the last 20 minutes. Not a big deal, it was gross but I drank it. It ended up giving me a little bit of a stomach ache, but it was busy so I didn't bother to mention anything.

We order our entrees, we all get side salads. All the salads come out except my husband's. I ask if they could check for his in the back and the food server delivers it out instantly after me asking (Food is not delivered by your actual server at this restaurant) Then our entrees come out. My husband's friend ordered a filet and shrimp combo. The filet obviously looked as if it was a sirloin. The food server called it a sirloin, just as the rest of us saw it as. My husband ordered a 6 oz. filet and they didn't look anything a like. We waited 5 minutes, and our server was no where to be found. We flagged another waitress and told her our problem and if she could take it back so my husband's friend could get the right cut of meat. She even thought it was a sirloin. E comes back and says that it was a filet it just looked small because it had a lot of fat and then maliciously called the food server stupid for calling it a sirloin. Then she left. Our table just looked at each other with huge eyes like 'did I just hear what I think I heard?' Then food server comes to our table and tells us that he's very sorry that it was his mistake that he called it a sirloin when it was a filet and leaves. And at this point I'm pretty pissed.

The manager comes and delivers the piece of meat. It's 2x bigger than the last piece of meat and still looks nothing like a filet. They call it the 'petite filet' I guess which is 5 oz, it's obviously a cheaper cut of meat that they use for their combo meals compared to the regular filets. That's fine whatever, he just wants to eat at this point. Then manager apologizes for the food server's mistake and then make a derogatory hand gesture towards him, signaling as if he is not all there. And then I'm fuming. E comes back, and calls him stupid again and then I tell her that she's being rude, unprofessional and that it's not nice to say that. And she tries to laugh it off as if it's a joke calling him a goof ball, when it was obvious to everyone at the table that she was being malicious. So we finish our dinner, pay and I leave her a nice novel on why I didn't tip her and telling her I have never stiffed anyone in my life and she was my first.

We leave and it's all my husband and I can talk about on the way home. I feel like fire is coming out of my ears. So I explain to him that I'm contacting corporate and he agrees and then I tell him I'm calling back when we get home and telling the manager how I feel about how he acted as well. We pick up my daughter from the baby sitter's, put her to bed and then I call. I am put on hold for 5 minutes waiting to talk to him. I explain to him that I am unbelievably disgusted by his actions and our waitress's actions. He starts to tell me that they have some staff that are a work in progress and that they have a 'friendship' there and he was just joking but he apologizes that he made a hand gesture about the food server to a customer. He also apologizes that I saw what he did in a bad way and told us if we wanted to try the restaurant again that all 4 of us could come in for a free meals on him. He also apologized for the waitress and said that he will be talking to her. I told him that I'd have to talk to my husband about coming back because we are all pretty disgusted by the whole situation. After I talked to my husband, I called back and accepted his invitation for a free meal. He told me to just call whenever we wanted to come in and that he or the partner of the restaurant would take care of us and he would let him know the situation.

So we'll be taking the free meal, but I still think I should let corporate know what happened. What do you guys think?
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