Mary (leaf_kunoichi) wrote in bad_service,

Thursday night my husband was paying our Comcast bill and saw three promotions for current customers. One was for HBO for $10/12 months and internet for 12.99/12 months. Hey, we are current customers so, he clicked the links. Both said we had to call in to get the deals. He printed out the details and asked me to call the next day.

Friday, I call and the first rep won't let me do anything since the account is under his name. I told him that I am listed on the account as having full access. He said that yes I changed things in the past but he couldn't let me now. I asked for a manager. He hung up on me.

I call back and get guy #2. I tell him about the deals and about what #1 said. He said that he sees I have access so he can help. He said that we are not eligble since we are current customers. Tell him I Have the print out that says the deals are for current customers. He says they can't do the internet one but he can do the HBO one. Tell him, fine, do that and I will talk to a manager about the other. I ask again, "This is for HBO for 12 months at $10, correct?" He replies yes. (This is important later.)

I talk to a manager who right off the bat tells me there are no such deals. I tell him I have the print outs and can give him the URL, fax it to him or email if he needs but they are offers. He then tells me that the call centers cannot give the online deals as the website is a third party. I tell him that no where does it say this as a matter of fact, it told us to call in. He said that is a known error with the website so I just need to go there and get it.

I asked "What do I do when the website tells me to call in again?" He gets frustrated. He starts ranting about the website and "you just aren't listening to me. I CANNOT GIVE YOU THAT DEAL." He went on to say that the rep gave me HBO for 6 months like I asked. I tell him I asked for the 12 month deal. I ask when I get to the site and it tells me to call how do I get around that. He sighs loudly. I'm about to ask for his manager when I hear his headset being thrown and then hear him, in a distance "Fucking bitch I don't give a damn what the website says." He laughs and tells someone "Just someone bitching that we can't give them a discount." I ask for a manager. I was very calm during the entire time as I was at work and sit right next to my boss.

I get the new manager and she apologizes after I explain and tells me the call center does not have access to all of the same deals as the website. I tell her I understand but I need to know how to access it since it won't let me. She was able to extend the HBO deal for 12 months. I told her about the last manager and she put me on hold. When she came back she and her manager were on the line. They were also giving me all premium channels for a year free of charge and $30 off my bill. She apologized for the previous manager and told me that she would be alerting his manager immediately.
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